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Page Manager Errors (1100s)

1101      17           Unable to allocate new page for database '%.*s'. There are no more pages available on valid allocation pages.
                             Space can be created by dropping objects, extending the database, or dumping the log with no_log.
1102      22           Unable to locate allocation page %u for database '%.*s'. This allocation page contains the extent that the target allocation page is in,
                             but the allocation page is not in the translation table in the DBTABLE. Run DBCC CHECKTABLE on sysusages.
1103      21           Allocation page %u in database '%.*s' has different segment id than that of the object to which we are allocating. Run DBCC CHECKALLOC.
1104      20           Conflict between number of extents marked in log record in the allocation bitmap and the allocation count. Allocation count is %d. Bitmap is 0x%lx 0x%lx 0x%lx 0x%lx.
1105      17           Can't allocate space for object '%.*s' in database '%.*s' because '%.*s' segment is full/has no free extents.
                             If you ran out of space in syslogs, dump the transaction log. Otherwise, use ALTER DATABASE to increase the size of the segment.
1106      20           First pass through allocation page %u found %d free extents. After logging, only found %d free extents.
1108      21           Cannot deallocate extent %u, database %d. Object id %d, index id %d, status %d in extent does not match
                             object id %d, index id %d, status %d in object being deallocated. Run DBCC CHECKALLOC.
1109      21           Attempt to read allocation page %u failed either because object ID is not correct (%d) or the page ID is not correct (%u).
1110      20           Attempt to resource lock allocation page %u in database '%.*s' by process %d while allocating to non-syslogs object '%.*s'.
1111      20           Extent bitmap on allocation page %u in database '%.*s' does not have extents marked that are being removed.
1112      20           Extent bitmap on allocation page %u in database '%.*s' already has extents marked that are being added.
1113      20           Extent %u already locked while allocating it in database '%.*s'.
1114      20           Attempt to resource lock page %u in database '%.*s' by process %d failed because lock is already held by process %d.
1115      20           Attempt to transfer a resource lock to process ID 0 on allocation page %u in database '%.*s'.
1116      20           Attempt to backout the allocation of LOG page %u, in database '%.*s'.
1117      21           Extent chain for object %ld is not correctly linked.
1120     20           Adaptive Server failed to access page %u in database '%.*s' because it is not an allocation page.
1122      20           Attempt to read allocation page before openning SYSALLOCPGS.
1123      20           Failed to get lock on OAM pg.
1124      20           Failed to get lock on allocation page %u.
1125      20           Attempting to allocate page %u in database %d to extent %u which belongs to another object. Object id and index id in page are %d, %d.
                             Object id and index id in extent are %d, %d.
1127      20           Internal Error:  The OAM has no room for new inserts.  Check OAM for object %ld, index %d.
1128      22           The OAM entry for allocation page %u is missing from the OAM which starts on page %u.
1129      10           The requested update to the OAM for object %d, dbid %ld, index %d, oam page %u, would cause a negative page count.
                             allocation page: %u, oamarray used: %u, oamarray unused: %u, deltaused: %d, deltaunused: %d, spid: %d. Contact your System Admin.
1130      22           A dealloc log record has been detected which does not have an OAM page supplied.
1131      22           The OAM page %u does not belong to object with index %d, partition %d. It is currently allocated to database %d, object %d, index %d, partition id %d.
1132      22           Attempted to log allocation to the log.
1133      22           Page %u was expected to be an OAM page for %d and it is not.
1134      20           Failed to get lock on OAM page %u. This should never happen.
1135      10           Page %u was given as a target page for allocation to object %d index id %d and there is no entry in the OAM for this page.
                             This may indicate corruption of the OAM. Please run checkalloc on database %.*s.
1136      21           'Please run the upgrade38 utility before attempting to upgrade your database to MP.'
1137      21           'There is insufficient space in database %.*s to run this upgrade.'
1138      21           'Failed to complete allocation of SYSGAMS in database %.*s.'
1139      20           Impossible deadlock on page mgr lock.
1140      20           'Page mgr lock should not already be held.'
1141      20           Unexpected value returned to page manager routine: %ld.
1142      22           Invalid OAM Page %u. Found pstat=0x%x, object=%d, database=%d, indid=%d.
1143      22           Invalid OAM Page %u. Expected object=%d. Found object=%d, database=%d, pstat=0x%x, indid=%d.
1144      21           Page number %u is higher than the highest page in database '%.*s': %u.
1145      20           ss %d was expected to hold logical lock on page %u.
1146      20           Process %d was expected to hold logical lock on object %ld.
1147      20           Process %d trying to do a logged operation on a non-logged object %ld.
1148      16           Error: %d, Severity: %d, State: %dn
1149      21           A Log Run Deallocation routine was passed one or more bad parameters. The bad parameter is either %ld or %ld.
1150      20           Failed to get intent lock on object %ld.
1151      11           Object %ld passed to OAM builtin function no longer exists in database %d.
1152      11           Page %u passed to OAM builtin function is not an OAM page for object %d in database %d.
1153      11           OAM page %u passed to rowcnt function is an unallocated page in database %d.
1154      16           WARNING!!! Attempt to do a prefetch of size %dK is not allowed. The prefetch request is reset to the maximum prefetch size of %dK.
1155      20           Invalid page validation type, %d, requested for page %u, object %S_OBJID, indid %d in database %S_DBID.
1156      20           Unable to update the page linkage status for the data only locked table %ld in database %d due to an internal error.
1157      10           Insert free space value %d in page header of DOL datapage %u belonging to object id %d in database '%.*s' is incorrect. It has been recomputed and is now %d.
1158      20           Invalid attempt to allocate a page for object '%S_OBJID' (ID %d) in database '%S_DBID' (ID %d) while large allocation is active for
                             object '%S_OBJID' (ID %d) in database '%S_DBID' (ID %d).
1159      20           Attempt to locate LSA extent partition control block failed for dbid '%d', objid '%d', indid '%d' and partition id '%d'.
1160      20           Internal Error: The OAM page %u for object %d does not have attribute space reserved.
1161      20           Invalid OAM entry found at slot %d in OAM page %u for table ID %d with index ID %d in database '%.*s' (ID %d).
                             This entry is either out of order or its allocation page number is wrong.
1162      21           The cached sysgams information for '%.*s' (dbid = %d) is incorrect on %S_INSTID and cannot be communicated across the cluster.
1163      21           The space allocated to the sysgams table in database '%.*s' (dbid = %d) must be at least %d pages. Use 'DBCC GAM(%d,-1,-1, 'fix')' to increase the allocation.
1164      21           Updates to sysgams information for database '%.*s' (dbid =%d) could not be propagated across the cluster. Use DBCC GAM(%d,-1,-1, 'fix')' to fix this.
1166      16           You cannot execute the command '%s' on database '%S_DBID' because it was created with asynchronous initialization and it has not been fully initialized.
                             Retry the command later.
1167      16           Updates to SYSDAMS for database '%.*s' (dbid =%d) could not be propagated across the cluster.
1168      16           The table %s in database '%.*s' has %u extents allocated, but the maximum number allowed for this table is %u. Please contact Technical Support for assistance.   
1169      20           Failed to cleanup preallocated log pages for database '%.*s' (dbid = %d) due to internal error.                                                                                                                    

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