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9602      17           Adaptive Server has run out of CLEANUP ITEM BLOCKS. Re-run your command when there are fewer active users, or contact
                             a user with System Administrator (SA) role to reconfigure Adaptive Server with more CLEANUP ITEM BLOCKS.
9605      10           Completed flushing modified pages to disk for database '%.*s' (dbid = %d) on %S_INSTID.
9606      10           Database '%.*s' is being downgraded.
9607      20           Downgrade has failed for '%.*s' database.
9608      10           Downgrade will remove some stale local language messages if their English message text change, please re-install these localized messages later.
9609      20           Please run previously saved restore_msgs.ebf or instmsgs.ebf from the version downgraded to if none were saved before running installmaster.
9610      16           The log for database '%.*s' includes a transaction (%s) that cannot be recovered by this server version.
9611      16           Cannot alter the table '%.*s' to set minimal DML logging because this table is marked for replication. Remove replication and try again.
9612      10           Cannot upgrade database '%.*s' because it is either marked 'read only' or there is no tempdb.
9613      18           The durability change for database '%.*s' failed.
9614      16           Warning: table '%.*s' already has 'transfer table' set '%S_MSG', ALTER TABLE was aborted.
9615      21           Failed to determine the log record at which recovery of transaction (%d,%d) should start.
9616      16           Database '%.*s' is at an older version '%d' than ASE server version '%d'.
9617      16           ALTER TABLE '%.*s' failed. You cannot alter a roundrobin partitioned table with transfer table on and a local clustered or placement index when
                             the operation requires data copy. Drop the index and try again.
9618      16           You can use ALTER TABLE SET HASHKEYVALUES only on a dynamic hash table.
9619      17           %S_REPAGNT. Fatal error. The Rep Agent sender thread is no longer available; the Rep Agent scanner thread will stop.
9620      16           Cannot use ALTER TABLE with ADD CONSTRAINT to define dynamic hash key column. Use CREATE TABLE.
9621      16           ALTER TABLE '%.*s' failed. You cannot drop column '%.*s' because it is being used by dynamic hash key definition '%.*s'.
9622      16           ALTER TABLE failed. Parameter '%s' is not allowed on dynamic hash table.
9623      21           Attempt to read invalid log page %u (timestamp={0x%04x,0x%08x}, first log page timestamp={0x%04x,0x%08x}) in database '%.*s'. 
                             Re-run the query or restart the Adaptive Server instance.
9624      10           Failed to send the OAM recount list for database '%.*s' to other nodes. If there is a node failure before the oam recount is complete, then run the
                             DBCC CHECKALLOC(%.*s, fix) command to manually recover these OAM counts.
9625      10           Failed to insert the object (objid %d, ptnid %d, indid %d) in the OAM recount list for database '%.*s' (%d).
                             Run the DBCC TABLEALLOC(%d, full, fix) command to manually recover the OAM counts for this object.
9626      21           Cannot create page %u in database '%.*s' from its compressed page image (error: %d) in log record (%u,%d).
9627      19           Cannot allocate memory for the decompresion buffer in database '%.*s'. Database will not be recovered. Retry the command later.
9628      10           Warning: Cannot allocate memory to compress page image for fully logged SELECT INTO for database '%.*s'. For some pages, uncompressed data will be logged instead.
9629      18           Warning: Cannot compress page %u in database '%.*s' for fully logged SELECT INTO (error: %d). Uncompressed data will be logged instead.
9630      16           ALTER TABLE '%.*s' failed. You must specify a compression level for TEXT/IMAGE/UNITEXT column '%.*s'.
9631      16           %s failed. You cannot decrease the in-row length of column '%.*s'.
9632      16           ALTER TABLE '%s' failed. Table '%.*s' already has allocated space.
9633      20           %S_REPAGNT: Cannot authenticate Replication Server '%.*s' to use multiple replication paths.
9634      16           Rep Agent cannot decompress the row for object = %d in log record (%d,%d). Rep Agent will skip this row and continue replication.
9635      10           Suppress the job scheduler message about js maxtask.
9636      10           Job Scheduler job output line width.
9637      16           Ownership change failed. You can only change ownership of objects in the current database.
9638      16           A replication filter can only be created on a table object with local storage.
9639      16           A replication filter may not contain a computed column.
9640      16           A replication filter may not contain a user-defined function.
9641      16           A replication filter may not contain a TEXT/IMAGE/UNITEXT column.
9642      10           Enable async database init enables the asynchronous initialization of database pages at CREATE or ALTER DATABASE time. The default value is 0.
9643      10           enable dump history enables or disables the dump history feature for integrated dump/load. Adaptive Server will record dumps in
                             the dump history file for generating load commands. The default value is 0 (disabled). This is a dynamic option.
9644      10           dump history filename sets the name of the dump history file. The default value is 'dumphist'. This is a dynamic option.
9645      10           enable concurrent dump tran enables or disables concurrent transaction dumps. Adaptive Server will allow transaction dumps to occur during
                             a database dump. The default value is 0 (disabled). This is a dynamic option.
9646      10           enforce dump configuration enables or disables enforcement of using a dump configuration when invoking dumps. The default value is 0 (disabled). This is a dynamic option.
9647      16           Alter table drop column with no datacopy is not allowed for '%.*s'('%.*s'). The command will be aborted.
9648      16           This command requires datacopy that conflicts with the Alter table drop column command with 'with no datacopy' syntax. The command will be aborted.
9649      10           Started creating indexes for replication for %u table(s).
9650      10           Started updating first text pages for %u table(s).
9651      10           Completed creating indexes for replication for %u table(s).
9652      10           Completed updating first text pages for %u table(s).
9653      10           Started logging schemas for %u table(s).
9654      10           Completed logging schemas for %u table(s).
9655      10           Started dropping indexes for replication for %u table(s).
9656      10           Completed dropping indexes for replication for %u table(s).
9657      10           %u table(s) of %u processed. %d%% completed.
9658      16           Run reorg/rebuild for table '%.*s' before attempting '%.*s'.
9659      16           The 'filter' distribution model requires multiple scanners to be configured ('max number scanners per path' = 1).
9660      16           ALTER TABLE '%.*s' failed. You must drop the dependent replication filter '%.*s' before altering this table column.
9661      16           Ownership change failed. The new owner must have %S_MSG '%s'.
9662      16           Unable to issue a checkpoint on database '%.*s'.
9663      16           The RepAgent Thread for database '%.*s' is not running.
9664      16           At least one RepAgent Thread did not complete its processing of the transaction log.
9665      14           Adaptive Server is running in 'Standby' mode. The user does not have 'allow hadr login' privilege.
9666      14           Adaptive Server is running in 'Primary Inactive' mode. The user does not have 'allow hadr login' privilege nor the 'hadr_gentle_cap' capability is set on the connection.
9667      14           Adaptive Server is running in 'Primary Deactivating' mode. The user does not have 'allow hadr login' privilege nor the 'hadr_gentle_cap' capability is set on the connection.
9668      14           Login redirection to Primary server failed.
9669      10           enables/disables aggressive task stealing. Default is 1 (aggressive task stealing enabled)
9670      16           The truncation point of database '%.*s' has not been established with DBCC SETTRUNC.
9671      16           Deactivation failed due to %s. Resetting state to %s.
9672      16           Server reached INACTIVE state.
9673      16           Initiating log drain mechanism.
9674      16           User connections statistics:: %d in xact, %d in chained mode, %d in unchained mode, %d holding server side cursors.
9675      16           Max utility parallel degree is the maximum number of worker processes that can be used by create index or update statistics under parallel mode.
9676      20           %S_REPAGNT: multiple replication paths cannot be used with HADR. Please use 'sp_config_rep_agent' to set the 'number of replication paths' to 1.
9677      16           Recovery of database '%.*s' was unable to reconcile the disk map stored in 'master.dbo.sysusages' with the one stored in the dump.
9678      16           Cannot promote the server to PRIMARY mode due to split brain check error. Use the 'force' option to force the promotion.
9679      16           WARNING: split brain check refused to allow this server to become Primary.
9680      10           Maximum attempts to restart Job Scheduler after abnormal shutdown.
9681      10           Enable/Disable Job Scheduler Agent core dump.
9682      10           Enable/Disable Job Scheduler diagnostics logging after auto restart.
9683      10           ASE checks Job Scheduler Agent health after jsagent heartbeat interval duration (in minutes)
9684      17           %S_REPAGNT: Failed to allocate CI-resource: %s, please use 'sp_config_rep_agent' to change the configuration value of '%s'.
9685      16           Rep Agent on database '%.*s' switched from mode '%s' to mode '%s' because %s.
9686      10           The 'optimize dump for faster load' parameter specifies the percentage of the database used data that needs to be changed during the 
                             database dump to force the updated pages to be resent to the backup server.
9687      10           Object %.*s has been dropped. The show_condensed_text() function will return NULL.
9688      16           %s '%.*s' is already set to the desired compression level.
9689      10           Recovery prefetch size is %d log records.
9690      16           Index '%.*s' cannot be altered to set compression property.
9691      16           Index named '%.*s' not found; check sysindexes.
9692      16           Startup node for rep_agent for single instance databases can't be set or modified.
9693      16           Synchronously replicated multidatabase coordinating transaction (%d, %d) in database '%.*s' forcibly rolled back; however, subordinate
                             transaction branches may have committed.
9694      16           Synchronously replicated multidatabase subordinate transaction (%d, %d) in database '%.*s' forcibly rolled back; however, the coordinating transaction may have committed.
9695      10           Warning: The stored procedure '%.*s', which is marked for replication as 'table', will not be replicated while 'stream replication' is enabled.
9696      17           Recovery failed to connect to the SAP Replication Server to get the last oqid for database '%.*s'.

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