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7001      16           A transaction attempted on external table.
7002      16           Attempt to open VOS file failed
7003      16           Attempt to close VOS file failed
7004      16           Attempt to sequential_read VOS file failed
7005      16           Segment names must be non-null.
7006      16           External table file name error
7007      16           Illegal datatype for external table
7008      16           NULL not allowed for external table
7009      16           Create unique index and create clustered index are not allowed for external tables.
7010      16           No index named '%.*s' exists on the OS file for external table '%.*s'.
7011      16           Attempt to get file status for external table failed.
7012      16           External table - skipped.
7013      10           Create database feature is disabled.
7014      10           Drop database feature is disabled.
7015      10           Alter database feature is disabled.
7016      10           Only money(19, 4) is allowed for non-external tables.
7017      10           The %s (%d) for datatype '%.*s' must be within the range %d to %d.
7018      20           Bad offset (%d) should be (%d) for external table column.
7019      20           No conversion buffer available for conversion, fatal error.
7020      16           Attempt to bulk copy into an external table.
7021      16           The embedded_key index type must be used when creating a VOS index for external tables.
7022      16           Descending order not allowed in the VOS index used for external tables, use ascending order.
7023      16           The argument duplicates_allowed must be true in the VOS index for external tables.
7024      16           The collation_code argument must be ascii or numeric when creating a VOS index for extgernal tables.
7025      20           Process not running on engine with attached ports for external table during external table scan.
7026      16           External tables index file name '%.*s' is too long. Maximum length is %d.
7027      16           Signature '%08x' in file '%.*s' is not valid. This file appears to be corrupt.
7028      20           I/O failure: %S_MSG '%.*s' failed.
7029      16           Data for %S_MSG '%.*s' is incompatible between file and table. This file cannot be used to load this table.

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