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No new writeups yet.
Existing writeups in the 16.0 TSG: 7101, 7105, 7114, 7130, 7134


7101      17           Unable to allocate new text value, dbid %d.
7105      22           TEXT/IMAGE/UNITEXT page %u does not have a next page. Either there is a suspect text page chain, or transaction isolation level 'read uncommitted' has been set.
                             Database %.*s, table %.*s, first text page %u.
7109      22           Unexpected log record of type %d found while processing TEXT/IMAGE/UNITEXT data.
7112      16           Deadlock occurred while trying to lock page %u, which is held by process %d.
7114      22           Page %u is not a valid text page.
7120      22           Log record %d:%d was not found in the LOG.
7121      22           Free offset %d is invalid on page %u.
7123      16           Invalid text pointer value %s. This text pointer references first text page %u, which belongs to object ID %d.
7124      16           The offset and length specified in the READTEXT command is greater than the actual data length of %d.
7125      16           Text pointer value %s conflicts with the column name specified. This text pointer references first text page %u, which belongs to object ID %d.
7126      16           Text pointer value %s references a data page with an invalid text status. This text pointer references first text page %u, which belongs to object ID %d.
7127      16           Text pointer value %s references a data page with an invalid time stamp. This text pointer references first text page %u, which belongs to object ID %d.
7128      16           Text pointer value %s references a data page which is no longer allocated. This text pointer references first text page %u, which belongs to object ID %d.
7129      16           Synchronization time stamp does not agree with text data page value.
7130      16           WRITETEXT with no log is not valid at this time.  Database %s must first be configured for this.
7131      16           Invalid table and column name specified in textvalid function.
7132      16           Selection of TEXT and IMAGE datatypes require DBLIB 4.0 or greater.
7133      16           NULL textptr passed to %s function.
7134      16           The text table and the table referenced by the text pointer value %s disagree. This text pointer references first text page %u, which belongs to object ID %d.
7136      16           ASE is now using a multi-byte character set, and the TEXT character counts have not been re-calculated using this character set for table '%.*s'.
                             Use DBCC FIX_TEXT on this table before running the query again.
7137      20           Textptr Write Failed: An error occured while attempting to write TEXT/IMAGE/UNITEXT replication information for database %.*s, table %.*s, column %.*s.
                             Please contact SAP Technical Support for assistance. ( page %u, datapage %u, datarow %d )
7138      20           Text/Image Replication Failure: A memory allocation error occured during replication of table %.*s, in database %.*s. 
                             Try restarting ASE with a larger procedure cache, or contact SAP Technical Support.
7139      16           Insert to a TEXT/IMAGE column from a non TEXT/IMAGE field which involves internal worktable (eg. orderby, groupby) processing is not supported.
                             Rewrite your query to avoid conversion from non TEXT/IMAGE datatype to TEXT/IMAGE datatype.
7140      16           A deadlock was detected while attempting to lock the first text page for text pointer %s.
7141      16           A lock request was interrupted while attempting to lock the first text page for text pointer %s.
7142      16           The text pointer %s refers to a TEXT/IMAGE/UNITEXT page that has been allocated to a different row.
                             This occurred because the original row was updated or deleted during an internal deadlock avoidance manuever.
7144      16           Mime pointer %s does not point to a multi-part message.
7145      16           Message pointed to by mime pointer %s has less than %d parts.
7146      16           Non-zero starting offset can not be used with MIME type.
7147      16           Retrieval of partial MIME messages is not supported.
7148      16           Feature %s is not implemented.
7149      16           Invalid input value (%s) for parameter %s
7150      16           MIME message malformed - can't find concluding boundary '--%.*s--'. Insert/Update is aborted.
7151      22           Selected message has %d bytes less than expected. Message is probably corrupt. Please contact your system administrator.
7152      16           Boundary string specified in 'content-type' header is too long. Maximum allowable length is 70 characters.
7153      16           Premature end-of-message received while reading text data from network. Host program may have stopped responding or may be
                             sending text data containing a partial character at the end.
7154      0             Unable to log the class/jar definition into the current database's transaction log for replication. Please check the space available in the transaction log.
7155      22           The st-node page linkage appears to be broken or corrupt. The command dbcc rebuild_text (%d, %d, %d)' can be executed to 
                              repair the st-node. (objid=%d, colid=%d, FTP=%d).
7156      16           Cannot read text value starting on page %u because it has a different character set than is currently installed.
                             This row needs to be re-inserted to convert it to the current character set. (CSID from tipsa %d, current CSID %d).
7157      16           You cannot run the non-logged version of dbcc rebuild_text in this database. Please check with the DBO.
7158      10           Non-logged version of dbcc rebuild_text is complete. Please dump your database to ensure recoverability.
7159      10           Completed rebuild_text for table '%.*s'.
7160      16           The extent for text/image page %u was found to belong to partition ID %d which does not match the expected partition ID %d for this text partition in %S_PTNINFO.
7163      10           TEXT/IMAGE data for table '%.*s.%.*s.%.*s' was truncated while processing an isolation level 0 query.
7164      16           Text/Image Replication Failure: An index for replication is missing or is in suspect state for column ID = %d, table %.*s, in database %.*s. Run DBCC REINDEX to fix this error.
7165      16           Text/Image Replication Failure: Table %.*s, column ID = %d, database %.*s datarow for textpointer %s is missing. Run %s to fix this error.
7166      16           Text/Image Replication Failure: Cannot drop index %.*s.%.*s in database %.*s.
7169      18           An internal error occurred while decrypting text page %u. Please contact SAP Technical Support.
7170      16           You cannot use %s on encrypted TEXT/IMAGE/UNITEXT columns when the CIPHERTEXT option is on.
7171      18           The length of encrypted data (%d) on page %u is invalid.
7172      18           An internal error occurred while compressing the text value for table %.*s in database %.*s, error code %d (%s). Please contact SAP Technical Support.
7173      18           Internal error while decompressing the text value on page %u, dbid %d, error code %d (%s). Please contact SAP Technical Support.
7174      16           Create timestamp in textptr (%s) for an in row lob does not match with the create timestamp of the column in the datarow.
7175      16           Textptr (%s) for an in row lob either contains an invalid datarow RID or the datarow cannot be read.
7176      16           Attempt to insert compressed LOB data into column '%.*s' (colid %d), table '%.*s', database '%.*s' failed because the source data contains
                             invalid attributes (status %d, character set id %d).

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