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7901      16           Page %u, partition ID %d, is expected to be the first page of a text/image/unitext value.
7902      16           Data size mismatch while checking text/image/unitext values. The first page for this value is %u, partition ID %d. %d bytes found; 
                             however, the expected data length is %d bytes.
7903      16           Link number %d does not indicate that page %u, partition ID %d, is a TEXT/IMAGE page, as expected.
7904      10           The total number of TEXT/IMAGE/UNITEXT pages in this table is %d.
7905      10           The number of rows in sysindexes for this table was %d. It has been corrected to %d.
7906      10           The number of data pages in sysindexes for this table was %d. It has been corrected to %d.
7907      16           The status in the first page (%u) of the no_log table %.*s does not match the status in the object's sysobjects row.
7908      10           The table %.*s was created with the no_log option.
7909      10           A transaction involving the no_log table %.*s was undone. This may have left the table in an inconsistent state. Rebuild the table.
7910      16           Page %u allocated (Alloc page: %u Extent ID: %u Alloc mask: 0x%x)
7911      16           Page %u deallocated (Alloc page: %u Extent ID: %u Alloc mask: 0x%x)
7912      16           EXTID:%u (Alloc page: %u) was initialized but not referenced. DBCC has deallocated it. Extent follows:
7913      16           PTNID=%d SPARE=%d OBJID=%d RESERVE=0x%x FORWARD=0x%x ALLOC=0x%x DEALLOC=0x%x INDID=%d STATUS=0x%x
7914      10           Allocation page %u extid %u is not referenced, but there are referenced pages within this extent. Contact Technical Support for assistance on object %d.
7915      10           Allocation page %u extid %u is referenced, but there are no referenced pages within this extent. Contact Technical Support for assistance on object %d.
7916      10           Total (# alloc pages = %d, # of alloc pages modified = %d).
7917      16           Total (# pages allocated=%d pages deallocated=%d extents deleted=%d).
7918      16           Alloc page %u (pgs allocated=%d pgs deallocated=%d extents deleted=%d).
7919      16           Fix_al not processed.  Database needs to be in SINGLE USER mode.
7920      16           Processed %d entries in sysindexes for dbid %d.
7921      16           Found %d bad entries in sysindexes.
7922      16           ***************************************************************
7923      16           TABLE: %.*s OBJID = %d
7924      16           PARTITION ID=%d FIRST=%u ROOT=%u SORT=%d
7925      16           Indid : %d, partition : %d. %d Index pages allocated and %d Extents allocated.
7926      16           Data level: indid %d, partition %d. %d Data pages allocated and %d Extents allocated.
7927      16           TOTAL # of extents = %d
7928      16           Index %.*s is not consistent; found %s leaf rows but %s data rows. Drop and recreate the index.
7929      16           Table has %s data rows.
7930      16           Table Corrupt: Keys in the left child page do not precede the parent key; check page %u, partition ID %d.
7931      16           Table Corrupt: Keys in the right child page precede the parent key; check page %u, partition ID %d.
7932      16           The indexes for '%.*s' are already correct.  They will not be rebuilt.
7933      16           One or more indexes are corrupt.  They will be rebuilt.
7934      16           The table '%.*s' has no indexes.
7935      16           REINDEX received an exception - command aborted.
7936      10           Checktable on sysgams is not allowed.
7937      16           The data in table '%.*s' is possibly corrupt - DBCC REINDEX aborted.  Run DBCC CHECKTABLE and report errors to a user with System Administrator (SA) role.
7938      16           Table Corrupt: The oam entry for object %d, indid %d, alloc pg %d, has a used count of %d and an unused count of %d. 
                             The used count should be %d and the unused count should be %d.
7939      16           Table Corrupt: The entry is missing from the OAM for object id %d indid %d partition %d for allocation page %u.
7940      22           The counts in the OAM are incorrect.  This implies that there are entries missing.  Run tablealloc utility with the FIX option on the table with the inaccurate OAM counts.
7941      16           Couldn't find table %.*s.
7942      10           The missing OAM entry has been inserted.
7943      10           Attempt to insert missing OAM entry failed.
7944      10           *** NOTICE: Space used on the log segment is %s pages (%s MB), %s%%.
7945      10           *** NOTICE: Space free on the log segment is %s pages (%s MB), %s%%.
7946      10           *** NOTICE:  Notification of log space used/free cannot be reported because the log segment is not on its own device.
7947      16           The sortorder and character set ID's for index %d on this table were %d:%d in sysindexes.  They have been corrected to %d:%d.
7948      16           Page %u, object %d, partition %d, index %d, level %d, was found with fixed-row status improperly set. That status has been cleared by DBCC.
7949      16           The number of pages used and unused for object %d index %d partition %d on allocation page %u do not match the counts in the OAM entry.
                             Actual used/unused counts: [%u, %u]. Used/unused counts in OAM entry: [%u, %u].
7950      16           Unable to %.*s engine.  Check sysengines count and max online engines config value.
7951      16           Data size mismatch while checking a text value. The first page for this value is %u, partition ID %d. %d characters were found; 
                             however, the expected length is %d characters.
7952      10           A text value with an invalid MAGIC NUMBER has been found on page %u, partition ID %d.
                             Text values will not be checked for this table and the text page count will be inaccurate. Use DBCC FIX_TEXT to fix the text values.
7953      10           Unable to acquire an exclusive lock on text page %u. This text value has not been recalculated. 
                             In order to recalculate those TEXT pages you must release the lock and reissue the DBCC FIX_TEXT command.
7954      10           There are no TEXT pages in table %.*s to be updated.
7955      10           Not all of the TEXT pages in table %.*s have been successfully updated, however, DBCC FIX_TEXT is restartable.
                             Please issue the command again once any other errors have been addressed.
7956      16           Remapping utility - Column descriptor should have been remapped earlier. This is an internal system error.
7957      18           Remapping utility - procedure is corrupted in Sysprocedures. Recreate this procedure.
7958      16           Remapping utility - a pointer exists in a tree when it should not.
7959      16           Remapping utility - unable to locate the given procedure %.*s in Sysprocedures.
7960      16           Remapping utility - Procedure needs to be recreated for this port.
7961      16           Remapping utility - Wrong kind of node passed to tree remapping. This is an internal system error.
7962      16           Upgrade requires ASE to be booted in single user mode. Reboot ASE with the -m flag.
7963      16           Upgrade encountered a fatal error. Please check the ASE errorlog.
7964      14           Permission denied. You do not have the necessary role to run this command. Please contact SAP Technical Support for assistance in running this command.
7965      10           The 'fix' option has been ignored for this command. To use the 'fix' option with system tables, run the command from the database where the table is located.
                             The database must be in single user mode.
7966      20           The global space allocation report requires an exclusive lock on object 99.  This process does not hold this lock in database %d.  This report is cancelled.
7967      20           Allocation page %u in database %d does not hold the address lock required for initializing the diagnostic bitmaps or correcting its allocation errors.
7968      20           The object allocation map for tabid %d indid %d partition %d is corrupt, therefore the optimized report cannot be generated. Contact Technical Support for assistance.
7969      10           Allocation reports cannot be generated for object %d in database %d.
7970      10           The default report option of %.*s is used for this run.
7971      10           The default fix option of %.*s is used for this run.
7972      10           The OAM counts for objid %d indid %d are corrected.
7973      10           The optimized report may generate erroneous messages due to the missing OAM entry.  Run the optimized report with the fix option, to correct this error.
7974      16           ILLEGAL use of module %.*s.  See the errorlog for detail information.
7975      20           System catalog entrie(s) for Object %d, Database %d are corrupted.
7976      16           Object %d in database %d does not have any TEXT/IMAGE/UNITEXT data.
7977      16           First page %u and Root page %u are not same.
7978      20           One or more text chain(s) for object %d in database %d is corrupt.
7979      16           Text chain linkage corrupted for Page %u of Object %d.
7980      16           Unreferenced text chain found for page %u, nextpage %u, prevpage %u.
7981      16           The new procedure execution mode must be 'unchained', 'chained', 'anymode' or '[not] dynamic [ownership chain]'.
7982      16           The specified object '%.*s' is not a stored procedure in database '%.*s'.
7983      16           You must be either the system administrator (SA), the database administrator (dbo), or the owner of this stored procedure to change its transaction mode.
7985      16           Server name '%.*s' not found in system catalog.
7986      16           You can not change the mode of a remote stored procedure.
7987      16           User named '%.*s' not found; check sysusers.
7988      16           The specified object '%.*s' is not found in database '%.*s'.  Check sysobjects to make sure you own the object.
7989      16           The serial allocation flag was found to be improperly set in allocation unit %u, at extent ID %u, with alloc map = %d and objid = %d. This flag has been cleared by DBCC.
7990      16           Permission denied.  User's operating system session label must dominate database maxhold to use the DBCC command '%.*s'.
7991      18           Label consistency check for database '%S_DBID' failed.
7992      14           The user needs to be in the master database to execute this command.
7993      18           Either the execution of the 'DBCC SECURITY (LABEL_CHECK)' command failed or one or more databases have been detected to have inconsistent security labels.
7994      16           Database '%.*s' has references to other databases. Drop those references and try again
7995      14           Permission denied. Only the Database Owner (DBO) or a user with the System Administrator (SA), System Security Officer (SSO), or
                            Oper role can execute this command for database '%S_DBID'.
7996      14           Permission denied.  Object '%S_OBJID' not found.
7997      14           Permission denied.  User's curwrite does not match the sensitivity label of object '%S_OBJID'.
7998      14           Permission denied.  Database '%S_DBID' not found.
7999      14           Permission denied.  User's curwrite does not match the sensitivity label of database '%S_DBID'.

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