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Sysattributes Errors (10100s)

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10101    16           The object_type column cannot be NULL.
10102    16           The attrib_notify() function can only be used from a system stored procedure or with ad hoc updates enabled.
10104    16           Class %d is not a valid attribute class.
10105    16           Attribute %d is not a valid attribute within class %d.
10106    16           Class cannot be NULL.
10107    16           Attribute cannot be NULL.
10108    16           The 'action' parameter cannot be NULL.
10109    16           The value of the parameter '%s' is '%d'. The value should be between %d and %d.
10110    10           The entry being added will have no effect due to precedence or scope rules.
10111    10           The entry being dropped is preceded by another specification; dropping the entry will have no effect.

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