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8002      15           Parameter number %d and subsequent parameters must be passed as '@name = value'.  Once the form '@name = value' has been used,
                             all subsequent parameters must be passed in the form '@name = value'.
8003      15           There are too many parameters in this CREATE PROCEDURE statement.  The maximum number is %d.
8004      16           Received an unrecognized datatype %d from TDS datastream.
8005      15           Received a procedure name length of %d. The TDS datastream is incorrect.
8006      20           ASE error detected by %S_MSG. Refer to the preceding %S_MSG message.
8007      20           Unknown token returned by %S_MSG:  %d.
8008      16           Parameter no. %d, of type %d, did not have a valid value.
8009      16           Error encountered by %S_MSG.  Please refer to %S_MSG messages for details.
8010      16           datalen (%d) must be less than maxlen (%d) for rpc parameter %d
8011      16           Parameter %d has datatype %s. This datatype is not valid for use in parameters for an RPC.
8012      16           Adaptive Server internal error: Received internal error %d from the remote server '%S_SRVID'.
8013      16           A CT-Lib operation failed during a native RPC.
8014      16           You cannot start a non-transactional RPC when the 'strict dtm enforcment' option is enabled for the session.
8015      10           Adaptive Server has truncated parameter number %d passed to rpc '%.*s' on server '%.*s'. The remote server does not support character or binary data wider than 255 bytes.
8016      10           Remote procedure call to servers of category ASAnywhere or ASIQ is not supported through site handler. Enable cis_rpc_handling.

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