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8401      21           Object with id of %d was not found in database number %d.
8402      21           Index row for object %d (index id %d) was not found in database %d.
8403      21           Index tag structure doesn't contain the search mode executed.
8404      21           Index tag structure indicates fast and slow search modes.
8405      21           No modify lock was acquired for an index row %s.
8406      21           Insert of sysindexes row failed.
8407      21           Delete of sysindexes row failed.
8408      21           Didn't expect to find active modify lock for sysindexes.
8409      21           Invalid status found in sysindexes tag structure. Expected status: %s.
8410      21           Expected to find search lock during sysindexes scan.
8411      21           Invalid setup status found in sysindexes Manager during a call to: %s.
8412      21           No object id specified in sysindexes Manager call to: %s.
8414      21           Copy of sysindexes row failed.
8415      21           Unexpected value '%d' returned from lock manager after waiting for lock on page %u, dbid %d.
8416      20           Invalid scan type %d specified
8417      20           Internal error occurred while running the sysindexes exerciser.
8418      20           Invalid index descriptor field (%d) specified within sysindexes manager.
8419      21           Could not find index descriptor for objid %d, indid %d in dbid %d.
8420      20           Could not install index descriptor for objid %d, indid %d in dbid %d.
8421      20           Invalid input to sysindexes manager. Expected valid session descriptor for sysindexes system table.
8422      21           Indid mismatch between index descriptor 0x%x (indid %d) and page 0x%x (indid %d) for objid %d in dbid %d.
8423      21           Expected table descriptor to be set for objid %d in dbid %d.
8424      17           Cannot find an available index descriptor for an index. Increase the value of 'number of open indexes'.
                               If sp_configure fails due to lack of index descriptors, edit the configuration file and restart the server.
8425      21           Couldn't find an available index descriptor for system objects.
8426      26           Index descriptor 0x%x is already installed on the hash table for objid %d, indid %d in dbid %d.
8427      20           Invalid input to sysindexes manager. Expected to have dbid or dbtable pointer set.
8428      26           Unexpected keep count %d of index descriptor. Expected %d.
8429      20           Object with objid %d in dbid %d is not a table.
8430      10           Did not find table descriptor linked to process slot structure 0x%x when ASE tried to release it.
8431      20           Invalid transaction descriptor passed to the sysindexes manager internal function.
8432      20           Invalid object descriptor passed to the sysindexes manager internal function.
8433      20           Table descriptor (0x%x) for objid %d in dbid %d is already linked to another transaction.
8434      20           Invalid initialization flag %d specified within sysindexes manager.
8435      26           Expected to find the index descriptor for objid %d indid %d in dbid %d, in a %s state (found state %d instead).
8436      26           Index descriptor found was not expected to be in a %s state.
8437      20           Update failed. ASE could not find field '%d' within index descriptor/buffer.
8438      21           Updating wrong indexrow in dbid %d. Objid for actual row updated is %d, objid for intended row was %d.
                              Index id for intended row was %d. Index page is %u, field updated is %d. Index row address is %p, row number is %d.
8439      16           Cannot install an index descriptor for an index for objid %d as a dbshutdown for the dbid %d is in progress.
8440      21           Internal error. DBINFO update at offset %d bytes for length %d bytes will exceed the current size, %d bytes, of DBINFO.
                               DBINFO update in dbid %d failed.
8441      21           Column sysindexes.%s has length '%d', should be '%d'. The sysindexes row is for %S_INDINFO.
8442      21           Expected sysindexes log record to be time stamped in %S_DBINFO.

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