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8601      20           Process %d tried to keep the PSS for process %d when it already had the PSS for process %d kept.
8602      16           Unable to initialize worker thread %x because parent %x has an invalid PSS.
8603      16           Warning: worker thread %x already has a PSS allocated; initialization will proceed.
8604      16           An attention condition occurred in worker thread %x. The last return value is %d, and the last recorded error was %d. Terminating the worker thread.
8608      18           pss=0x%p has been marked sick. pss->p3stat=0x%x pss->pspid=%d pss->pkspid=%d pss->pmasterxact=0x%x.
                             There might be open xdes/sdes associated with the pss. Please report this problem to SAP Tech. Support.
8609      18           %s encountered a PCM error (%d) while sending a remote command. The current command will be aborted.

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