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Existing writeups in Troubleshooting Guide: 9004

9001      20           Process %d has requested a memory size %d that is greater than the memory size %d in the disk buffer 0x%X, dbid %d.
9002      20           Process %d is accessing disk buffer 0x%X, in dbid %d that has been freed.  The current status of the DSKBUF is 0x%X.
9003      20           Could not start I/O for request %S_BLKIOPTR.
9004      20           I/O error detected on disk buffer 0x%p for page request %u, dbid %d.
9005      20           Process %d is requesting an illegal I/O type of 0x%x.
9006      20           Process %d is attempting to free a disk buffer that is already freed.  Disk buffer address 0x%X, dbid %d.
9007      10           Overlapping fragments of disk space have been found in database '%d' (virtual device number '%d' with starting page' %u' and
                              virtual device number '%d' with starting page '%u'). The database has been marked as suspect.
9008      16           Attempt to open device '%.*s' failed. When opening a device which does not support 'directio' with 'dsync' explicitly set to FALSE,
                            'directio' needs to be explicitly set to FALSE too.

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