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11201    16           A remote table definition must be defined before the 'existing' option is used (object '%.*s').
11202    16           Unable to create table '%.*s' because it has no remote storage location defined. Creation of local user tables is allowed only in the master and tempdb databases.
11203    16           The command '%s' is not legal for objects of this type. External definition: %.*s
11204    16           There is an error in the syntax of the object definition '%.*s'.
11205    16           Data type '%s' is unsupported for server '%.*s'.
11206    16           Unable to connect to server '%.*s'.
11207    10           Warning, table definition does not contain all columns found in remote object '%.*s'; (defined: %d found: %d).
11208    16           No column named '%.*s' found in remote object '%.*s'.
11209    16           Column type mismatch in remote object '%.*s' for column '%.*s'; (defined: %d found: %d).
11210    16           Column length mismatch in remote object '%.*s' for column '%.*s'; (defined %d found: %d).
11211    16           Handling of null values in remote object '%.*s' for column '%.*s' differs from that defined; (defined: '%s' found: '%s').
11212    16           Identity attribute mismatch for column '%.*s'; (defined: '%s' found: '%s').
11213    16           Column count mismatch in remote object '%.*s'; (defined: %d found %d).
11214    16           Remote object '%.*s' does not exist.
11215    16           Remote object '%.*s' not uniquely identified; %d objects with the same name and owner were found.
11216    16           Internal Ct-Lib/Cs-Lib error %d: '%.*s'.
11217    10           Entered passthru mode to server '%.*s'.
11218    10           Exited passthru mode from server '%.*s'.
11219    17           Cannot open a connection to site '%.*s' because there are no free remote descriptors (RDES). Increase the configuration parameter for user connections and reboot the server.
11220    16           Parameter cannot be NULL.
11221    16           No external login for suserid %d, server name '%.*s'.
11222    16           Parameter %d must be datatype CHAR or VARCHAR.
11223    17           Insufficient memory is available to allocate structures needed to access a remote site.
11224    16           Cannot open a connection to site '%.*s' because it does not have PASSTHRU or RPC capabilities.
11225    16           Server class has not been defined for '%.*s'.
11226    16           Server class (%d) for server '%.*s' is not supported.
11227    16           Statement '%s' is unsupported by '%.*s'.
11228    16           Remote text/image data length less than expected for column '%.*s'.
11229    16           Unable to commit transaction on remote server %.*s.
11230    16           Unable to prepare transaction on remote server %.*s.
11231    16           Unable to rollback transaction on remote server %.*s.
11232    16           Unable to access cursor process status structure (PSS); update cannot be completed.
11233    16           Column mismatch in remote object '%.*s' for column '%.*s'; (column must be defined with length >= 10 or as DATETIME).
11234    16           Column mismatch in remote object '%.*s' for column '%.*s'; (column must be defined with length >= 8 or as DATETIME).
11235    16           Column mismatch in remote object '%.*s' for column '%.*s'; (column must be defined with length >= 26 or as DATETIME).
11236    16           Remote server error: Msg %d, Level %d, State %d, Server '%.*s', %.*s
11237    16           TEXT/IMAGE value too long for INSERT/UPDATE on server '%.*s'. Use WRITETEXT instead.
11238    10           Remote server message: Msg %d, Level %d, State %d, Server '%.*s', %.*s
11242    10           Component Integration Services recovery started.
11243    10           Component Integration Services recovery complete.
11244    10           Deallocating text/image data for external object '%.*s'.
11245    10           Checking external objects.
11246    16           Precision or scale mismatch in remote object '%.*s' for column '%.*s'; (defined: %d,%d found: %d,%d).
11247    16           Scale mismatch in remote object '%.*s' for column '%.*s'; (defined: %d found: %d).
11248    16           Remote server '%.*s' is currently configured as read only.
11249    16           Unable to connect to server '%.*s' from server '%.*s'.
11250    16           SQL functions are not supported for proxy tables.
11251    10           ....... Dynamic Update
11252    10           ....... Select for Update
11253    10           ....... Dynamic Delete
11254    10           ....... Select for Delete
11255    10           ....... Remote Cursor Operation
11256    10           ....... %.*s
11257    10           ........... %.*s
11258    16           No column with column id '%d' found in local table.
11259    10           Warning, no mapping for remote column named '%.*s' in local object '%.*s'.
11263    10           ....... Server Name: %.*s
11264    10           ....... Text of generated SQL:
11265    20           Internal error: A session descriptor is missing a remote access object for server '%.*s'.
11266    16           The sp_columns result set returned by the remote server is incomplete. Each row must contain at least %d columns, but only %d are present.
11267    16           Unable to create table '%.*s' on remote server; this server not configured for heterogeneous data access.
11268    16           Unable to insert into a text/image column because the table does not contain a unique index.
11269    16           The optimizer could not find a unique index which it could use to retrieve the resulting timestamp value
11270    16           Column '%.*s' does not allow null. Any column defined as a parameter column for RPC tables must allow null. A parameter column is a 
                             column whose name begins with an underscore.
11271    16           Column '%.*s' must precede all parameter columns. A parameter column is a column whose name begins with an underscore.
11272    16           Action requested is not valid for remote tables (%.*s).
11273    10           Encountered %d conversion errors during processing of external statistics; some rows have been ignored.
11274    0             Unable to establish server login to remote server '%.*s'; @@servername is NULL
11275    16           A statement referencing an extended datatype contained syntax that prevented it from being sent to the remote server.
                             Rewrite the statement or remove the extended datatype reference.
11276    16           An object in column '%.*s' could not be deserialized, possibly because the object was truncated. Check that the value of @@textsize is 
                             large enough to accommodate the serialized object.
11277    16           Operating system error %d: '%.*s'.
11278    16           The file at the specified path is not a directory (%.*s).
11279    16           Only the file name can be changed, and it is not included in the SET list.
11280    16           The pathname length must be 349 bytes or less.
11281    16           Cannot enable full-text search services because there is no license available.
11282    16           Cannot create the file (%.*s). A file with the same name already exists.
11283    16           External file access is not enabled or not licensed.
11284    10           Warning, a failure occurred while attempting to partition proxy table '%.*s'. The proxy table is unpartitioned.
11285    18           Attempt to allocate OMNI descriptor failed for remote object '%.*s' of object id %d.  See error log for more information.
11286    16           Omni CT-Lib Error Diagnostics.
11287    16           Function-based indexes are not supported on proxy_tables.
11288    11           Column '%.*s'%.*s does not match for the local and remote servers.
11289    16           Datatype %d for column '%.*s'%.*s is not supported by UPDATE STATISTICS in import mode.
11290    11           %s statistics for column '%.*s'%.*s is unavailable or incomplete in the remote server.
11291    11           %s statistics for colidarray %.*s is unavailable or incomplete in the remote server.
11292    10           UPDATE STATISTICS will not run in import mode.
11293    11           Index '%.*s' does not exist in the remote server for '%.*s.%.*s.%.*s.%.*s'. UPDATE STATISTICS will continue to run in import mode since the remote statistics are available.
11294    10           The remote server ('%.*s') class %d is not supported by UPDATE STATISTICS in import mode.
11295    10           Statistics for %s are not updated.
11296    16           Partitioned proxy tables are not supported.
11297    16           Cannot Add/Drop/Modify encrypted columns on proxy tables.
11298    16           The '%s' command contains syntax that requires it to use a cursor but the remote server does not support updateable cursors.
11299    10           Warning: The referential integrity reference to table '%.*s' will not be enforced because the references clause cannot be sent to the remote server.

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