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Existing writeups in 15.7 Troubleshooting Guide: 12818, 12842, 12881

12801    12           The object `%.*s' is not a partitioned table. UPDATE PARTITION STATISTICS can only be run on partitioned tables.
12802    16           Invalid partition number %d. Valid partition number is a positive integer.
12803    16           CREATE VIEW failed because column %d in the view definition has a null column name. Column names cannot be null.
12804    18           Unable to change the logversion from %d to %d on database '%S_DBID'.
12805    18           Unable to bring the master database online due to lack for space. Please re-start the previous of the server, add more space and then 
                             reboot the new version of the server. Shutting down.
12806    18           cannot replace a tuple in sysstatistics
12807    18           cannot delete a tuple in sysstatistics
12808    18           Cannot write table '%.*s' statistics
12809    16           Duplicate column listed in update statistics. Column name '%.*s' for table '%.*s' listed more than once
12810    16           Cannot resolve column name '%.*s' for table '%.*s'. This could be because the column does not belong to the table or it has an
                             unknown datatype or an internal error related to the system catalogs has happened
12811    16           Column name '%.*s' for table '%.*s' is one of TEXT, IMAGE, UNITEXT or BIT datatype. This type of column cannot be used in update statistics.
12813    18           Failed to start an internal transaction. This will prevent information for index '%.*s', partition '%.*s' on table '%.*s' from being written out to SYSTABSTATS.
12814    18           Failed to write information in SYSTABSTATS.
12815    18           Failed to obtain lock on SYSTABSTATS.
12816    18           Failed to delete a row in SYSTABSTATS for table '%.*s', because the row could not be located.
12817    16           This form of UPDATE STATISTICS on table '%.*s' does not support the CONSUMERS option. Please rerun it without this option.
12818    16           Cannot create an object of this type in system-created proxy database.
12819    16           Cannot create a constraint on a column of TEXT, IMAGE, UNITEXT or off row Java datatype.
12822    16           Cannot create temporary table '%.*s'. Prefix name '%.*s' is already in use by another temporary table '%.*s'.
12823    16           Command 'addcert' failed to add certificate path %s, system error: %s.
12824    16           Command 'dropcert' failed to drop certificate path %s. %s
12826    16           Attempt to read certificate path from master database failed.
12827    10           Warning: command 'addcert' adds certificate path %s with its common name field different from server name.
12828    16           The datatype of a parameter marker used in the dynamic prepare statement could not be resolved.
12829    10           Warning: command 'addcert' adds certificate path '%s' that is not yet valid. Error '%s'.
12830    10           Warning: command 'addcert' adds certificate path '%s' that has expired. Error %s.
12831    16           Failed to create computed column '%.*s' on table '%.*s'.
12832    16           The LDAP URL string '%s' is invalid. LDAP subsystem reported error '%s'.
12833    16           The string '%s' is a valid LDAP URL accepted by the LDAP subsystem.
12834    16           The login name '%s' is invalid. The LDAP subsystem reported error '%s'.
12835    16           The login name '%s' exists as a user on the LDAP Server specified for ASE.
12836    16           The LDAP URL '%s' could not be set. The LDAP subsystem reported error '%s'.
12837    16           The URL '%s' is set for LDAP User Authentication.
12838    10           Warning: Attempting to set URL '%s' for LDAP User Authentication, ASE noticed non-fatal condition '%s'. Will continue with attempt.
12839    16           Authentication failed. Unable to create local login '%.*s' when LDAP User Authentication is configured at current level %d without
                             valid user name and password on LDAP server.
12840    16           %.*s is not an official language name from Syslanguages.
12841    16           Partition names in each table or index must be unique. Partition name '%.*s' is specified more than once.
12842    18           Adaptive Server cannot process this %s statement due to one or more errors. Please retry this command if it failed due to a deadlock. 
                             Please refer to your application log or Adaptive Server errorlog for more information on the cause of this failure.
12844    10           The value of 'repartition_degree' (%d) cannot be larger than the value of configuration parameter 'max repartition degree' (%d). The value '%d' is used for 'repartition_degree'.
12845    10           The value of 'resource_granularity' (%d) cannot be larger than the value of configuration parameter 'max resource granularity' (%d).
                             The value '%d' is used for 'resource_granularity'.
12846    16           The LDAP account distinguished name '%s' cannot be set. The LDAP subsystem reported error '%s'.
12847    16           The LDAP account distinguished name '%s' is set for LDAP user authentication.
12848    16           Partition '%.*s' is not found for table '%.*s'.
12849    16           Partition '%.*s' is not found for index '%.*s'.
12850    16           Command 'setcipher' encountered invalid cipher suite name '%s' in cipher suite list, preferences are unchanged.
12851    16           Cannot set cipher suite preferences in SSL context due to error '%s' (%d). Preferences are unchanged.
12852    10           Warning: Found unexpected row in sysattributes, skipping cipher 0x%x, cipher name %.*s, order preference %d, default value %d, row count %d.
12853    16           SSL is not supported on this platform or product version.
12854    16           Table '%.*s' cannot have only virtual computed columns.
12855    10           The system is under-configured for the calibration of table '%.*s'. Please bump up the number of worker processes to %d using the sp_configure system stored proc
12856    16           Incorrect UPDATE STATISTICS calibration percentage '%d' requested. Enter a value between '0' and '100'.
12857    16           Sampling is not supported for UPDATE STATISTICS of proxy tables.
12858    20           Update to sysobjects row for %S_OBJINFO failed.
12859    20           Column sysobjects.%s has length '%d', should be '%d'. The sysobjects row is for %S_OBJINFO.
12860    16           Cannot set the %.*s LDAP URL state to %s.
12861    16           The LDAP property '%s' cannot be set. The LDAP subsystem reported error '%s'.
12862    16           The LDAP property '%s' is set to '%s'.
12863    16           Cannot retrieve the LDAP property '%s'. The LDAP subsystem reported error '%s'.
12864    16           The property 'max_ldapua_native_threads' cannot exceed the 'max native threads per engine' LESS 'number of dump threads'. 
                             Increase 'max native threads per engine' first, then increase 'max_ldapua_native_threads' or 'number of dump threads'.
12865    16           LDAP property '%s' must be between '%d' and '%d'.
12866    16           Nonfatal condition '%S_MSG' received while attempting to set property '%s' for LDAP user authentication. Attempts to set property will continue.
12867    16           Cannot set 'max native threads per engine' since minimum value %d is required to satisfy usages by LDAP user authentication (%d) and shared memory dump (%d).
12869    16           There are no local switches set.
12870    16           The value %d is out of range.
12872    16           Switch %.*s was not set server-wide.
12873    16           Switch %.*s was not set as a local switch.
12874    10           All supplied switches are successfully switched off.
12875    16           Switch %.*s does not exist.
12876    16           Switch %.*s is an internal switch and the 'with override' option is not supplied.
12877    16           You cannot use SET SWITCH to set switch %.*s.
12878    16           You can only use switch %.*s in the runserver file using the -T option.
12879    16           You cannot set switch %.*s at the server level. It's a per session switch.
12880    16           You can set switch %.*s only at the server level.
12881    17           There is insufficient memory to allocate the structures needed to set local switches. Contact your System Administrator.
12882    10           All supplied switches are successfully turned on.
12883    10           Local switches set : %s.
12884    10           Serverwide switches set : %s.
12885    16           Switch %.*s is no longer in use.
12886    16           LDAP User Authentication is not supported on this platform or product version.
12887    16           You must have any of the following roles/privileges : '%.*s' when using switch : %.*s.
12888    10           Switch %.*s is turned on.
12889    10           Switch %.*s is turned off.
12890    16           %s failed. Invalid syntax. Multiple occurence of '%s' option is not allowed.
12891    16           Cannot update index replication information for object '%d', column offset '%d'.
12892    16           Invalid system view provided. The only valid system views are: 'instance', 'cluster', and 'clear'.
12893    10           Processed %u allocation unit(s) out of %u units (allocation page %u). %d%% completed.
12894    16           The name '%.*s' is not a valid cluster instance name.
12895    10           LDAP server may not accept anonymous binds. Check the access account for the %S_MSG URL set.
12896    10           Check access account values for the %S_MSG URL set. Bind without a password is not allowed.
12897    10           The value of 'parallel_degree' (`%d') cannot be larger than the value of configuration parameter 'max query parallel degree' (`%d'). The value '%d' is used for 'parallel_degree'.
12898    16           Command '%s' is not supported on system catalogs.
12899    16           Data-only locking is not supported on virtually hashed table '%.*s'.

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