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Lookup Errors (10500s)

No new writeups yet.

10501    16           Database '%.*s' not found; check sysdatabases.
10502    16           Internal error occurred. Unexpected value supplied. Please call SAP Technical Support.
10503    0             The temporary database (dbid = %d) is not available.
10504    0             Maximum limit of %d active members of a temporary database group is reached.
10505    0             Attempt to remove a temporary database (dbid %d) from a group, but did not find it in that group.
10506    0             Cannot assign a temporary database based on the existing soft binding; the temporary database based on the default assignment will be used.
10507    0             Failed to read sysattributes or encountered unexpected value.
10508    0             Attempt to add a temporary database (dbid = %d) to available list of temporary databases. The database is already in that list.
10509    0             Failed to read sysattributes.
10510    0             Failed to get name of database (dbid = %d). Cannot add it to any groups it may be bound to.
10511    0             Database (dbid = %d) is not a temporary database.
10512    0             Database (dbid = %d) not found; check sysdatabases.
10513    0             Temporary database based on specified binding could not be assigned. Since binding is hard, this results in a login failure.
10520    16           Cannot retrieve the total column count for table '%.*s' in database '%.*s'.

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