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11001    10           Row count exceeded limit of %d.
11002    10           Estimated IO cost exceeded limit of %d.
11003    10           Actual IO cost exceeded limit of %d.
11004    10           Query batch running time exceeded limit of %d.
11005    10           Transaction's running time exceeded limit of %d.
11006    17           Unable to set a kernel alarm; timerange manager is unable to run.
11007    17           Unable to set a kernel alarm; time limit alarm cannot be set.
11008    20           An attempt to get a free cache member from the Resource Governor's pool has failed. This is a system error -- contact a user with System Administrator (SA) role.
11009    16           Syntax error converting to DATETIME from BINARY/VARBINARY string.
11010    10           Unknown limit type %d encountered -- limit will be ignored.
11011    10           Unknown limit scope 0x%x encountered -- limit will be ignored.
11012    10           Unknown limit enforcement time %d encountered -- limit will be ignored.
11013    16           Correlated columns are not allowed in the outer join clause of the subquery.
11014    10           Warning: Insufficient worker processes available. Query executed using current available worker processes. Inform the system administrator (SA) 
                             that the value of worker processes may be too low.
11015    16           Insufficient worker processes available. To execute, wait until the system is less busy or set process_limit_action to quiet or warning, or increase the value of worker processes.
11016    16           Cannot disable the role '%.*s' since you don't have it enabled.
11017    20           DLL for the extended stored procedure '%1!' is not found. This is an internal error. Please contact SAP Technical Support.
11018    10           XP Server must be up for ESP to execute.
11019    16           Parameters to extended stored procedure must be passed all by name or all by position.
11020    16           Pseudo-column SYB_IDENTITY is referenced from a stored procedure after the identity column has changed. Please drop/recreate the stored procedure.
11021    16           Function %s invoked with wrong number or type of argument(s).
11022    16           Internal structure for cursor '%.*s' could not be located. This is a severe error. Please check for other errors preceding this one in the errorlog
11023    16           An internal structure for the cursor could not be created. This is deemed to be a serious error.
11026    10           Warning: The statement on line %d uses the '%.*s' option with the view '%.*s'. Performance hint options are valid only for tables. This hint will be ignored.
11028    16           Precomputed result set '%.*s' is immediate and enable, so it is automatically maintained. Refresh is not required.
11029    16           An index was found on table '%.*s' created via SELECT INTO. Parallel inserts into indexed tables is unsupported. Drop the table and retry the command.
11030    16           Execution of %S_MSG %.*s failed because the server was unable to change the owner context in database %S_DBID when upgrading the compiled object.
11031    16           Execution of %S_MSG %.*s failed because of errors parsing the source text in syscomments during upgrade. Please drop and recreate %.*s.%.*s.
11032    16           Execution of %S_MSG %.*s failed because the upgrade processing found incorrect source text in syscomments. Please drop and recreate %.*s.
11033    16           Execution of %S_MSG %.*s failed because the upgrade processing did not find source text in syscomments. Please drop and recreate %.*s.
11034    16           Execution of %S_MSG %.*s failed because the hidden source text could not be decrypted during upgrade. Please drop and recreate %.*s.
11035    16           Execution of %S_MSG %.*s failed because upgrade found no entry in syscomments for this object. Please drop and recreate %.*s.
11037    16           You specified an incorrect datatype for the variable containing the 'execute immediate' command string.
11038    16           Your password will expire in %.*s days.
11039    16           Another Execute Immediate statement cannot be executed inside an Execute Immediate statement.
11040    16           Adaptive Server cannot perform the requested action because column '%.*s' is not within the scope of the joined table expression.
                             Check your command for missing or incorrect database objects, variable names, and/or input data.
11041    16           Adaptive Server cannot perform the requested action. Sybase outer joins and ANSI joins cannot be mixed in the same query. 
                             Rewrite the command as specified in the error message.
11042    18           Internal Error: Adaptive Server cannot find the ANSI outer join. The query tree may be corrupted. Please contact SAP Technical Support.
11044    16           Warning: Ignoring rule/check constraint '%.*s' specified on table '%.*s' because it refers to TEXT, IMAGE, UNITEXT or offrow Java datatype columns.
11045    16           %s command not allowed within the current running mode of the companion server
11046    10           Warning: The results of the statement on line %d are join-order independent. Results may differ on pre-12.0 releases, where the query is potentially join-order dependent.
11047    17           Insufficient number (%d) of 'worker processes' available at execution time to alter %d-way partitioned table '%.*s'. 
                             Increase the number of 'worker processes' or wait until the system is less busy.
11048    17           ALTER TABLE '%.*s' failed. Cursor '%.*s' is still open. Close this and any other open cursors on this table before this schema change operation.
11050    16           Adaptive Server cannot process this ALTER TABLE statement due to one or more preceding errors. If there are no preceding errors, please contact SAP Technical Support.
11051    20           %s on the object '%.*s' failed. Table is currently being used by one or more other tasks. Retry your query later.
11052    16           Neither the 'select into' nor the 'full logging for alter table' database options are enabled for database '%.*s'. ALTER TABLE with data copy cannot be done.
11053    16           Cannot alter table '%.*s' because the database option 'allow nulls by default' has been changed by concurrent users.
11054    16           The table '%.*s' is an inner member of an outer-join clause. This is not allowed if the table also participates in a regular join clause.
11055    16           Query contains an illegal outer-join request.
11056    16           Exceeded tempdb space limit of %d pages.
11057    16           Execute cursor '%.*s' may not be declared on a SQLJ procedure.
11058    16           Statement contains '%d' columns/expessions in the target list. This exceeds the maximum limit of '%d'.
11060    16           This statement has exceeded the maximum number of recompilations (%d). This indicates an internal error. 
                             Please note the error prior to this one and contact SAP Technical Support.
11061    16           The number of columns in the derived column list does not equal the number of columns in the target list of the derived table expression.
11062    16           Column '%.*s' is a computed column. Only regular columns can be referenced in a computed column (or function-based index key) definition.
11063    16           The column '%.*s' in the outer query is not present in the derived column list or the derived query expression.
11064    14           ASE SUPER license is not available/enabled, hence the super class features not enabled.
11065    10           '%s' is ON for table '%.*s'.
11066    16           '%s' is not supported on proxy tables. Perform this operation directly on the base table.
11067    16           Cannot directly insert into or update computed column '%.*s'.
11068    20           Transaction was found in the incorrect state of '%s'. The expected state was '%s'.
11069    16           Partition '%.*s' does not exist in table '%.*s'.
11070    16           The option to specify a partition name is not valid for a table created in a stored procedure.
11071    16           The option to specify a partition name is not allowed for views.
11072    18           An internal conversion error was found while converting datatype '%s' to datatype '%s'.
11073    16           A derived table expression may not have null column names. Use a derived column list in the derived table definition or name the column expressions in the SELECT target list.
11074    16           TEXT, IMAGE, UNITEXT, or offrow Java datatype column (%.*s) cannot be referenced in rule/check constraints.
11075    16           Virtual computed column '%.*s' cannot be referenced in any constraints.
11076    16           The name '%.*s' is too long. Maximum length is %d.
11077    16           No column is referenced in the function-based index key.
11078    16           Virtual computed column '%.*s' cannot be referenced in a IF UPDATE clause.
11079    16           A computed column cannot reference a user-defined function (%.*s) that belongs to a different database.
11080    16           The definition tree (object id: %d) of computed column '%.*s' is missing.
11083    16           Unable to resolve built-in function at line %d, statement %d. Please check if this database has been downgraded recently.
11084    16           Same expression subquery is not allowed to participate in multiple NOT IN or ALL predicates. Try to rewrite the query.
11085    16           The %S_MSG that starts with '%.*s' is too long. Maximum length allowed for the client is %d. The old client does not support large identifier.
11086    16           The target table of a select-into-existing-table command cannot be the same as any of the source tables.
11087    16           Command '%s' is unsupported.
11088    16           Datatype '%s' is invalid for index key columns and hash factors of virtually hashed tables. Only integer datatypes are supported.
11090    16           Only input strings of size < 16K are supported.
11091    16           Size of text > 16K after parameterization, returning partial output.
11092    16           XMLTABLE ORDINALITY column must be a numeric datatype with a scale of 0.
11093    16           XMLTABLE column definition cannot contain only ordinality column.
11094    16           XMLTABLE column definition can contain only one ordinality column.
11095    10           The SQL text output is truncated to 16384 bytes.
11096    10           The statement id is not valid.
11097    16           The select-items cannot include any reference to any column of XMLTABLE that is not one of the grouping columns,
                             unless that reference represents the argument, or part of the argument, to one of the aggregate functions.
11098    16           A value for NOT_NULL column '%.*s' must be given in the INSERT list.
11099    16           Only extended stored procedures can be called within a sql function.

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