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14901    20           Unexpected exception caught at %s:%d.
14902    20           Xerces panic error, msg '%s'.
14903    16           The length specified in the RETURNS clause is not big enough to hold the result.
14904    16           Cannot parse an already parsed XML document.
14905    16           Invalid xml option value : %s
14906    16           Cannot service request; XML option not enabled or not licensed.
14907    16           If you specify schemavalidate='yes', then you must either specify dtdvalidate='strict', or omit dtdvalidate.
14908    16           Invalid xml option name : %s.
14909    16           Invalid options string. The format of an option string is 'optionName=optionValue, optionName=optionValue, ...'.
14910    16           The value '%.*s' specified for option '%.*s' cannot be greater than %d bytes.
14911    16           Current sort order is different that the sort order of the parsed document.
14912    16           Option 'ncr' is not supported for documents with embedded DTD.

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