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14200    16           The specified java signature is invalid.
14201    16           Return type of the java method for a SQLJ procedure must be void or int.
14202    16           The Java 'main' method cannot return result sets.
14203    16           Invalid mapping between the SQLJ procedure signature and the signature of the Java command line 'main' method.
14204    16           The specified return type does not map to the java method return type.
14205    16           The Java 'main' method cannot be used in CREATE FUNCTION.
14206    10           Warning: SQLJ procedure is trying to return more result sets than were specified in DYNAMIC RESULT SETS clause (%d). Only %d result sets are returned.
14207    16           Incorrect number of parameters for SQLJ function '%.*s'.
14208    16           Unable to execute SQLJ function '%s'. The function schema may have changed since the query was compiled.
14209    16           Unable to load the method '%.*s' for SQLJ function '%s' at execution time. The method schema may have changed since the function was compiled.
14210    16           SQLJ functions do not support TEXT/IMAGE/UNITEXT return types. Use the ADT type
14211    16           The method signature of Java method '%s' exceeds the maximum size of %d.
14212    16           Cannot find a public method named '%.*s, ResultSets[], ...)' in class '%.*s'. Either the method does not exist, or it is being called with incorrect argument types.
14213    16           Java method '%s' has too many parameters. The maximum number is %d.
14214    16           SQLJ procedures cannot return a result set from temporary tables to the ASE JDBC client.
14215    16           SQLJ procedures can only return result sets created with ASE JDBC driver.
14216    16           Function '%.*s' not found. If this is a SQLJ function or SQL function, use sp_help to check whether the object exists (sp_help may produce a large amount of output).
14217    16           SQL function not found. If you are attempting to call a java UDF, Java services are not enabled.


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