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14701    16           %s: XML parser error <<%s>> at line %d, offset %d.
14702    16           %s: XML parser fatal error <<%s>> at line %d, offset %d.
14703    10           %s: XML parser warning <<%s>> at line %d, offset %d.
14704    20           %s: SAX parse exception <<%s>>.
14705    20           %s: XML exception <<%s>>.
14706    16           %s: One or more validation errors or warnings.
14707    16           The document might be corrupted. Storage format %s unrecognized.
14708    16           Read past the end of stream of length %d failed.
14709    16           This document may be corrupted. Actual size is %d, but should be %d.
14710    16           Error reading parsed XML document at byte position: %d. Document may be corrupted, truncated, or generated on a platform with different byte-ordering.
14711    18           Cannot access XML database; verify that it is set up correctly.
14712    18           Cannot access XML catalog table; verify that it is set up correctly.
14713    18           Cannot look up URI schema location '%s'; verify that it is set up correctly.

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