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Create Utility Errors (2700)

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2701      10           Database name '%.*s' ignored, creating table in temporary database '%.*s'.
2702      16           Database '%.*s' does not exist.
2703      16           Segment '%.*s' does not exist.
2705      16           Column names in each table must be unique. Column name '%.*s' in table '%.*s' is specified more than once.
2706      11           Table '%.*s' does not exist.
2710      16           You are not the owner specified for the object named '%.*s' in this command (CREATE, ALTER, TRUNCATE, UPDATE STATISTICS, or BULK INSERT). 
                             The database owner can use the SETUSER command to assume the identity of another user.
2711      10           Precomputed result set cannot be created as some options have an inappropriate setting. Set ansinull on, arithabort on, arithignore off and string_rtruncation on.
2714      16           There is already an object named '%.*s' in the database.
2715      16           Can't find type '%.*s'.
2716      16           Can't specify a length, scale or storage property on type '%.*s'.
2717      16           Specified length is too large for type '%.*s'.
2718      16           Column or parameter #%d:  -- can't specify Null values on a column of type BIT.
2719      14           You must be the owner of table '%.*s' or a System Administrator to update the table's statistics.
2721      11           Could not find a default segment to create the table on.  Contact a user with System administrator (SA) role to specify a default segment in syssegments.
2724      10           Parameter '%.*s' has an invalid data type.
2727      11           Cannot find index '%.*s'.
2728      21           Could not find sysobjects row for table '%.*s'.
2729      16           Procedure '%.*s' group number 1 already exists in the database.  Choose another procedure name or procedure number.
2730      11           Cannot create procedure '%.*s' with a group number of %d because a procedure with the same name and a group number of 1 does not currently exist in the database. 
                             Must CREATE PROCEDURE '%.*s';1 first.
2731      16           Column or parameter #%d: -- can't specify column width of zero for '%.*s'.
2732      16           User error number %ld is invalid. Number must be between %d and %d.
2734      16           User name %.*s does not exist in sysusers.
2735      16           Object text is too long. Please shorten the object text or split into multiple objects. Text which caused overflow starts at: '%.*s'.
2736      16           Owner name that was specified is a group name.  Objects cannot be owned by groups.
2737      16           Message passed to %s must be of type CHAR or VARCHAR.
2738      16           A table can only have one timestamp column.  Since table '%.*s' already has one, you can't add the column '%.*s'.
2739      16           TEXT, IMAGE and UNITEXT datatypes are invalid for parameters or local variables.
2740      16           SET LANGUAGE failed because '%.*s' is not an official language name or a language alias on this ASE.
2741      16           SET DATEFORMAT date order '%.*s' is invalid.
2742      16           SET DATEFIRST %d is out of range.
2743      16           %s command requires %S_MSG parameter.
2744      16           Index distribution page was %u, now %u. Perhaps another UPDATE STATISTICS command is currently running. Retry your command.
2745      16           %s command is missing an argument position specifier.
2746      16           Duplicate position specifier in format string of %s command.
2747      16           Incorrect position specifier in format string of %s command.
2748      16           Message number %ld, passed to RAISERROR, does not exist in the %s catalog.
2749      16           Number of argument position specifiers in %s command is greater than the number of arguments passed.
2750      16           Can not have more than %d arguments in a call to %s.
2751      16           %s command failed because the resulting string exceeded the maximum length of %d bytes.
2752      20           The PRINT/RAISERROR function received an illegal datatype of '%s'.
2753      20           Received an error code of '%d' from 'intl_strblist()'.
2754      16           There is an argument position specifier that is out of range in a call to %s.  Valid argument position specifiers must be in the range from 1 to %d.
2756      16           Specified type precision %d more than the maximum precision %d.
2757      16           Specified scale %d more than the specified precision %d.
2758      16           Resdom says that column or parameter has no arguments but the length is non-zero. Given length %d.
2759      10           Internal error: illegal tree encountered.
2760      10           Column name '%.*s' does not exist in target table.
2761      10           Failed to create declarative constraints on table '%.*s' in database '%.*s'.
2762      16           The '%s' command is not allowed within a multi-statement transaction in the '%.*s' database.
2763      16           An attempt to grant CREATE TABLE permission to PUBLIC in tempdb failed.
2764      16           Identity field '%.*s' must be a numeric with a scale of 0. It may not be nullable or encrypted.
2765      16           A table can only have one identity column. Since table '%.*s' already has one, you can't add the column '%.*s'.
2766      16           Cannot use logsegment to create a user table or an index.
2767      16           The table with id=<%ld> in dbid=<%d> does not exist. It may have been created in a concurrently running transaction that rolled back and is now inaccessible.
2768      16           SET label (CURREAD, CURWRITE) failed because new value is an invalid label, or new value doesn't satisfy the dominance relationships among session labels.
2769      16           Invalid maxhold label specified for the table.
2770      16           Invalid minhold label specified for the table.
2771      16           Invalid hold label specified.  A table's maxhold label should always dominate it's minhold label.
2772      16           Invalid hold label specified.  Only labels below your @@maxwrite are acceptable.
2773      16           Invalid hold label specified.  Only labels above your @@minwrite are acceptable.
2774      16           Hold label provided is above database maxhold.  Please provide a label below the database maxhold.
2775      20           Object is not a table, or table has NULL maxhold and/or minhold value.
2776      16           The 'set update_mode' command only takes in a CHAR or VARCHAR argument.
2777      16           Invalid update_mode provided. The only allowable update modes are: reclassify, over_range, and standard.
2778      12           The object '%.*s' is not a table. Update statistics can be used only on user tables or system tables
2779      20           Lock request count has overrun the lock request array boundary. This is an internal error.
2780      20           maxlen (%d) is less than length (%d)
2781      18           Internal Error.  Master to DB SLID conversion failed.
2782      16           An untyped variable in the PREPARE statement '%.*s' is being resolved to a TEXT, IMAGE or UNITEXT type. This is illegal in a dynamic PREPARE statement.
2783      14           The user's curwrite needs to be at the table's hurdle when updating a table's statistics.
2784      18           Internal row labeling error occured.
2786      16           %s value of %d is invalid. It must be between %d and %d.
2787      16           Cache, %s, cannot be found in sysconfigures.
2792      16           Cannot change curread label with open cursors. Please contact a user with System Security Officer (SSO) role for help.
2793      16           User error number %ld is of invalid type. Number must be an integer.
2794      16           SET PROCESS_LIMIT_ACTION { ABORT | QUIET | WARNING } failed because '%.*s' is not a valid parameter.
2795      10           The value of 'parallel_degree' (`%d') cannot be larger than the value of configuration parameter 'max parallel degree' (`%d'). The value '%d' is used for 'parallel_degree'.
2796      16           The values of 'parallel_degree','scan_parallel_degree','repartition_degree' or 'resource_granularity' cannot be less than zero.
2797      10           The value of 'parallel_degree' (`%d') cannot be larger than the value of 'parallel_degree' set by a calling procedure. The value '%d' is used.
2798      10           The value of 'scan_parallel_degree' (`%d') cannot be larger than the lesser of the configuration parameter 'max scan parallel degree' (`%d')
                              and current 'parallel_degree' (`%d'). The value `%d' is used for 'scan_parallel_degree'.
2799      16           '%s' command failed because '%s' is not enabled. A user with System Administrator (SA) role must reconfigure '%s' to 1.

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