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The purpose of this Wiki is to understand the scenario where Late Transfer Reason ‘H’ is reported in FPS submission.


To know more about this behavior, we must first review the necessary information, and then know how to reproduce it. After reading this article you will be able to identify the whole concept.

1. Obtaining the necessary information:

For replicating the above scenario, ensure that GBRTI payroll function in the feature GBCHG should have RTI solution active for the payroll area under which employee was hired.

Now the employee is hired from 01.04.2014 in the payroll area G1.

After this, live payroll was run for the month of April 2014 i.e. period 1 2014 in RPCALCG0 report for this employee which will create RTI table in the payroll cluster of the employee. Exit the payroll in PA03.

2. Running Payroll and FPS report in live:

Please refer below screenshot which shows FPS is run in live for April 2014 period (in live)


This will update Global ID in RTI table in view cluster with values shown below



Now employee is made leaver effective 01.05.2014 i.e. in PA40 date of leaving will be entered as 30.04.2014 so that the new record is created from 01.05.2014 in actions infotype with status withdrawn.

3. Scenarios : 

Scenario I => Running FPS for month of May 2014 (where Late Payment Reason H is to be reported):

Please refer below screenshot of report RPCFPSG0 run for the month of May 2014 for the above employee who will report Late Payment Reason as ‘H’ in the XML created and this has to be submitted to HMRC




Clicking on Display XML looks like


Scenario II > Running FPS for month of May 2014 (where Late Payment Reason H is not reported):

After running the April 2014 month’s payroll and FPS in live, we pay employee some late payment via Infotype 15 as shown below


Now ran the payroll for May 2014 as below


PC_PAYRESULT shows late payment in latest actual result of 2 2014 as below


Now if FPS is run for May 2014 month




No Late Payment Reason ‘H’ is to be reported to HMRC in this scenario




4. See Also:

The late reason indicator is set when the only item to report in the FPS is the leaving date for the previous period. From April 2014 if you send a 2014-15 FPS to report a correction and the 'payment date' on the FPS is earlier than the date of the FPS submission you must include late reporting reason 'H – Correction to an earlier submission' against the payment.

For more information, refer link


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