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Download the required files  

DIAGNOSTICS AGENT 7.3 SP03 (incl. HostAgent) (download link) --> Search for Support Packages and Patches --> Search for " DIAGNOSTICS AGENT 7.3 SP03" --> Choose Linux on X86_64 64bit

SAPCAR 7.20 (download link) --> Search for Support Packages and Patches --> Search for "SAPCAR 7.20" --> Choose Linux on X86_64 64bit --> SAPCAR_315-20010450.EXE




Prepare the managed host 

It's highly recommend to review the planning section of Diagnostics Agent Setup Guide 7.30 SP3 to make sure you meet system requirements.  You must do the installation as root or sudo to root.  There is no workaround for this.


  1.  Make sure that the Linux host has at least 5gb on partition /usr.   The SMD Agent will always install to /usr partition.  (Note:  If you prefer to have these files on a different partition, make a sym link that links /usr/sap to /opt/sap for example.   For more examples on using a symbolic link, refer to KB 1626880 )

    [root@BI40RH6 ~]# df -h /usr

    Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    /dev/sda3 97G 22G 71G 23% /


  2. Copy the downloaded files to a temporary directory on the Linux server (do not use a user's home directory, it will cause the install to fail).  For example:  /tempdir
  3. Using vi editor, update /etc/security/limits.conf for root account according to the requirements outlined in Diagnostics Agent Setup Guide 7.30 SP3 (chapter 2)

    root soft nofile 8096
    root hard nofile 8096
    root soft cpu unlimited
    root hard cpu unlimited
    root soft fsize unlimited
    root hard fsize unlimited
    root soft data 2097148
    root hard data 2097148
    root soft stack 8192
    root hard stack 8192
    root soft memlock unlimited
    root hard memlock unlimited


  4. Log out and back in and check ulimit -a command

    [root@BI40RH6 tempdir]# ulimit -a
    core file size (blocks, -c) unlimited
    data seg size (kbytes, -d) 2097148
    scheduling priority (-e) 0
    file size (blocks, -f) unlimited
    pending signals (-i) 62824
    max locked memory (kbytes, -l) unlimited
    max memory size (kbytes, -m) unlimited
    open files (-n) 8096
    pipe size (512 bytes, -p) 8
    POSIX message queues (bytes, -q) 819200
    real-time priority (-r) 0
    stack size (kbytes, -s) 8192
    cpu time (seconds, -t) unlimited
    max user processes (-u) 65536
    virtual memory (kbytes, -v) unlimited
    file locks (-x) unlimited


  5. Set shell to /bin/bash in /etc/passwd for root user

    [root@BI40RH6 tempdir]# cat /etc/passwd | grep root


  6. Set locale for root user 

    [root@BI40RH6 tempdir]# vi $HOME/.bash_profile


    # .bash_profile

    export LC_ALL LANG


  7. Log out and back on again as root and check locale command to confirm the changes are made

    [root@BI40RH6 tempdir]# locale

Install the SMD Agent using the silent installer


  1.  Browse to your temp media directory, make all files executable, and unzip the SMD agent media using sapcar

    [root@BI40RH6 tempdir]# pwd


    [root@BI40RH6 tempdir]# ls

    DIAGAGT73SP03_0-20006988.SAR silentsapinstSTANDALONE (1).tar

    [root@BI40RH6 tempdir]# chmod -R 777 ./*

    [root@BI40RH6 tempdir]# ./SAPCAR_315-20010450.EXE -xvf DIAGAGT73SP03_0-20006988.SAR

    x SMD730_K_UI_LINUX_X86_64
    x SMD730_K_UI_LINUX_X86_64/DBINDEP
    x SMD730_K_UI_LINUX_X86_64/DBINDEP/
    x SMD730_K_UI_LINUX_X86_64/LABEL.ASC
    x SMD730_K_UI_LINUX_X86_64/TOC.XML
    SAPCAR: 70 file(s) extracted



  2. Using tar, extract the silent install files from silentsapinstSTANDALONE.tar to ./SMD730_K_UI_LINUX_X86_64

    [root@BI40RH6 tempdir]# cp silentsapinstSTANDALONE.tar SMD730_IM_LINUX_X86_64/
    [root@BI40RH6 tempdir]# cd SMD730_IM_LINUX_X86_64/
    [root@BI40RH6 tempdir]# tar -xvf silentsapinstSTANDALONE.tar
    [root@BI40RH6 tempdir]#

  3. Change mod all of the installation files to 777

    [root@BI40RH6 tempdir]# chmod -R 777 /tempdir/*

  4. Make sure nothing is blocking the required ports 5<SID#>04 and 5<SID#>13.  For example, if my instance number is 96, then using netstat, check that 59604, 59606, 59613, 6404 are free.  Note: DO NOT USE INSTANCE # 98 as this is already reserved.  

    [root@BI40RH6 SMD730_IM_LINUX_X86_64]# netstat -ano | grep 59604
    [root@BI40RH6 SMD730_IM_LINUX_X86_64]# netstat -ano | grep 59606
    [root@BI40RH6 SMD730_IM_LINUX_X86_64]# netstat -ano | grep 59613
    [root@BI40RH6 SMD730_IM_LINUX_X86_64]# netstat -ano | grep 6404 

    Important: 6404 is a static listening port used by the Diagnostic Agent for monitoring c++ BI processes (it will always be 6404 unless this is changed later in SapAgentConfig.xml).  Port 6404 should be set to match in the placeholder property for each SIA node in the CMC.  The placeholder property name is %SMDAgentPort%


  5. Execute the silent install according to your preferences:

    The script accepts four parameters. Determine the correct values to use for these parameters:


    The hostname where you are installing the SMD Agent.  Use the hostname, not the FQDN

    system id

    This is the system id for the SMD Agent. The default sid is DAA (recommended)

    instance number

    This is the instance number for the SMD Agent.


    This is the password that will be set for each user created by sapinst (<systemid>adm, sapadm).  User upper/lower case letters
    and numbers, no special characters


    ./ `hostname` DAA 96 Password123



  6. Confirm the installation completed using the ps command

    INFO 2014-05-20 11:11:08.978 [sixxbserviceselection.cpp:815]
    The installation of component NW_DiagnosticsAgent|ind|ind|ind|ind finished 20_May_2014_11_11_08 has completed.

    INFO 2014-05-20 11:11:08.983 [syuxcpath.cpp:471]
    CSyPath::createFile() lib=syslib module=syslib
    Creating file /tmp/sapinst_instdir/.lastInstallationLocation.

    [root@BI40RH6 SMD730_IM_LINUX_X86_64]# ps -ef | grep SMD
    daaadm 7434 1 0 11:10 ? 00:00:00 /usr/sap/DAA/SMDA96/exe/sapstartsrv pf=/usr/sap/DAA/SYS/profile/DAA_SMDA96_BI40RH6 -D -u daaadm
    daaadm 7565 1 0 11:10 ? 00:00:00 sapstart pf=/usr/sap/DAA/SYS/profile/DAA_SMDA96_BI40RH6
    daaadm 7580 7565 0 11:10 ? 00:00:00 jc.sapDAA_SMDA96 pf=/usr/sap/DAA/SYS/profile/DAA_SMDA96_BI40RH6
    daaadm 7767 7580 0 11:10 ? 00:00:07 /usr/sap/DAA/SMDA96/exe/jstart -appTrc -nodeId=0 pf=/usr/sap/DAA/SYS/profile/DAA_SMDA96_BI40RH6 -hostvm -nodeName=smdagent -file=/usr/sap/DAA/SMDA96/SMDAgent/ -jvmFile=/usr/sap/DAA/SMDA96/work/jstart.jvm -traceFile=/usr/sap/DAA/SMDA96/work/dev_smdagent -javaOutFile=/usr/sap/DAA/SMDA96/work/jvm_smdagent.out
    root 7922 2890 0 11:32 pts/0 00:00:00 grep SMD

  7. Switch user to daaadm and browse to /usr/sap/DAA/SMDA<SID#>/script then execute the following commands: hostagentconf emhost:"IEMHOSTNAME" emport:"IEMPORT" hostagent state:on


    BI40RH6:daaadm 4> hostagentconf emhost:"wilysrv01" emport:"6001"

    Customization done: /usr/sap/DAA/SMDA96/SMDAgent/applications.config/

    Host agent configuration saved, Restart Diagnostics agent for changes to take effect.


    BI40RH6:daaadm 5> hostagent state:on

    Host agent configuration saved, Restart Diagnostics agent for changes to take effect.

    Task completed with status SUCCESS (0)

  8. Download the attached SapAgentConfig.xml  (unzip with winzip or winrar after downloading extract the xml file) and copy it to /usr/sap/<SID>/SMDA<SID#>/SMDAgent/applications.config/ (overwrite the existing SapAgentConfig.xml)

  9. Browse to /usr/sap/<SID>/SMDA<SID#>/exe and execute ./stopsap and wait for the agent to stop.  Then execute ./startsap

    BI40RH6:daaadm 5> cd /usr/sap/DAA/SMDA96/exe
    BI40RH6:daaadm 9> ./stopsap

    stopping the SAP instance SMDA96
    Shutdown-Log is written to /home/daaadm/stopsap_SMDA96.log
    /usr/sap/DAA/SMDA96/exe/sapcontrol -prot NI_HTTP -nr 96 -function Stop
    Instance on host BI40RH6 stopped
    Waiting for cleanup of resources

    BI40RH6:daaadm 10> ./startsap
    Starting Startup Agent sapstartsrv
    Instance Service on host BI40RH6 started
    starting SAP Instance SMDA96
    Startup-Log is written to /home/daaadm/startsap_SMDA96.log
    /usr/sap/DAA/SMDA96/exe/sapcontrol -prot NI_HTTP -nr 96 -function Start
    Instance on host BI40RH6 started


  10. Installation is completed!

    BI40RH6:daaadm 11> ps -ef | grep SMD
    daaadm 7434 1 0 11:10 ? 00:00:00 /usr/sap/DAA/SMDA96/exe/sapstartsrv pf=/usr/sap/DAA/SYS/profile/DAA_SMDA96_BI40RH6 -D -u daaadm
    daaadm 13628 1 0 12:12 ? 00:00:00 sapstart pf=/usr/sap/DAA/SYS/profile/DAA_SMDA96_BI40RH6
    daaadm 13641 13628 0 12:12 ? 00:00:00 jc.sapDAA_SMDA96 pf=/usr/sap/DAA/SYS/profile/DAA_SMDA96_BI40RH6
    daaadm 13644 13641 10 12:12 ? 00:00:08 /usr/sap/DAA/SMDA96/exe/jstart -appTrc -nodeId=0 pf=/usr/sap/DAA/SYS/profile/DAA_SMDA96_BI40RH6 -hostvm -nodeName=smdagent -file=/usr/sap/DAA/SMDA96/SMDAgent/ -jvmFile=/usr/sap/DAA/SMDA96/work/jstart.jvm -traceFile=/usr/sap/DAA/SMDA96/work/dev_smdagent -javaOutFile=/usr/sap/DAA/SMDA96/work/jvm_smdagent.out
    daaadm 14150 8093 0 12:13 pts/0 00:00:00 grep SMD



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  1. Former Member

    Hi Toby,

    I am trying to install diagnostic agent.It errs out with missing product ID

    [syblx2@mo-b79db3e77 SMD720_00_IM_LINUX_X86_64]$ pwd
    [syblx2@mo-b79db3e77 SMD720_00_IM_LINUX_X86_64]$ ./ mo-b79db3e77 LX2 00 sybase123
    Silent installation starting at 20150804223626

    [==============================] | extracting... done!
    load resource pool /sybase/LX2/Diagnostic/SMD720_00_IM_LINUX_X86_64/resourcepool.xml
    no component gets selected
    Abort execution because of
    Invalid or missing product ID (check SAPINST_EXECUTE_PRODUCT_ID).

     Please help.

    Thanks and Regards,


  2. Hi, 


    I am getting the below error in STEP 7 when I am trying to configure SMD to Wily :


    sh hostagentconf emhost:"hlxc8bf022" emport:"6001"

    SAP Solution Manager - Diagnostics Agent - Copyright (c) 2010 SAP AG


    ------- VM Properties ----------
    OS : Linux
    OS Version : 2.6.32-358.el6.x86_64
    OS Architecture : amd64
    OS data model : 64
    Java Vendor : SAP AG
    Java Home : /usr/sap/DAR/SMDA98/exe/sapjvm_6/jre
    Java Version : 1.6.0_21
    Java Classpath : .:lib/patch_7.
    Java Runtime version : 6.1.023
    Java Specfic. version : 1.6
    File Encoding : UTF-8
    HTTP Proxy : null
    HTTP Proxy port : null
    HTTP non Proxy hosts : null

    smd class version: :

    Check Prerequisites:

    [-] Diagnostics agent maintenance setup starting ...

    Profile selected : SapAgentConfig.xml
    Profile template selected : WilyHostAgentTemplate.xml

    !! Error !! Cannot find directory of the host agent resources. (/usr/sap/DAR/SMDA98/SMDAgent/smd.config)


    Task completed with status ERROR (3)

    Please help on this.



    1. Hey Raghu,

      Does this directory exist on your system?  /usr/sap/DAR/SMDA98/SMDAgent/smd.config

      Are you sure that during the installation there was no error messages?  Usually if the post install setup doesn't work then it's because the initial install was not a success.  It might be worth it to try deleting your install from /usr/sap/DAR and try the silent install again to confirm it finishes without errors.


  3. For Raghu's problem there is nothing wrong with the smd.config - there is code missing from SMD!

    Later version of the SMD deploys only one application on setup: (Look in SMDAgent/applications directory, the applications.config is also relevant but config does not exist for all pieces - only enough for Solution Manager to send down the rest of the code)

    Everything else gets deployed by Solution Manager. So the following steps can get you a little bit more SMD code that you need for the standalone case.

    The SAR file contains more bootstrap pieces (so for Wily - going by the standalone guide for SMD for Business Objects) - you can use SAPCAR to extract all SMDAgent/bootstrap files to a temporary location and copy the ones you want to the /usr/sap/<SID>/SMDA<instance>/SMDAgent/bootstrap directory and restart the Diagnostics Agent. The bootstrap files (.war files) will be deployed on startup and appended with ".bak" so they are not re-deployed again.

    sapcar -xvf SAPDIAGHOSTAGENT.SAR -R /tmp SMDAgent/bootstrap

    There used to be the following additional applications in the standalone delivery:  (directory applications) - as can be seen in a screen shot of the PDF guide I refer to in directory SMDAgent/applications<ver><ver><ver...><ver...><ver...>
    And connectors seems to require rfclib (looking at the log SMDsystem.log to remove errors on starting) so add:<ver>
    I am not 100% sure which wily pieces you need, in SMD 7.3 there are 4 wily bootstrap .war files (and the use of these two above work for the install steps above for BOE ) - I have not tracked down which ones it needs 100%. The SMD Standalone install guide that this was contained in is attached to SAP Note 1540591 - Wily Introscope Setup for SAP BOE 4.X. 
    Note that it also does not explain about the necessary bootstrap files required to people either - I've been through three versions of the SMD Agent 7.3, 7.42, 7.45 before stopping and having a good look to find the applications, they are present in SAR file in all cases in the SMDAgent/bootstrap directory.
    Regds Doug.
    1. Hi Doug,

      This article is now outdated since SMD Agent version 7.3 is no longer available, and as such the silent installer script won't work anymore.

      However, I have tested 7.4 agent on Linux and it is working for the BI 4.x stand-alone setup.  The only required SMD agelet in the standalone configuration (without Solman) is \  The others are not used.

      The steps in the following article will work on Unix platforms.  You would just need to use X-Windows to launch the SWPM and the steps are similar

      I hope to make a new silent install script soon and will post a new tutorial on the SCN.