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Command line interface to running a Promotion Job on the BI Platform.


Windows Syntax: lcm_cli.bat -lcmproperty <property file>

Unix Syntax: -lcmproperty <property file>

  • The promotion management command line tool takes a properties file as a parameter. The properties file contains the required parameters to communicate the promotion management tool about the actions to perform, system(s) to connection to, connection methods, objects to promote, and so on.
  • The file must be in the form of <File Name>.properties
  • Please refer to the Administrators guide for a complete list of parameters to use within the <property file>
  • If the username/passwords are omitted from the <property file>, the command line interface will prompt the user to enter them.


The promotion management tool supports the following command line options:

  • Export an existing LCM job template to LCMBIAR with and without password encryption.
    • Report developer creates LCM Job  with content to promote
    • LCM Administrator uses  Command Line Tool (CLI)  to create LCMBIAR
  • Promote with existing job
    • Report developer creates LCM job with content to promote
    • LCM Administrator uses CLI to promote LCM job content  to destination
  • Import and promote an existing LCMBIAR
    • LCM Administrator uses CLI  to promote LCMBIAR content to destination
  • Export single/multiple platform queries
    • LCM Administrator or developer writes one or more queries to specify the content selection and LCMBIAR file is created.
  • Promote multiple platform queries
    • LCM Administrator or developer writes multiple queries to specify content selection, the BOE content selected by the queries  is promoted to the destination



The LCMCLI is installed with the BI Platform, there is no separate download.

Additional Resources

The LCMCLI is documented in the BI Platform Administrator Guide in the section "Promotion Management-Using the Command line option"

1969259 - LCM CLI Master Note - How to promote thousands of objects across BI4 environments ?

Requirements / Dependencies

The BI Platform "Lifecycle Management Service" need to be running and enabled, along with the CMS and FRS services and for applying overrides you need the Connection Server and Crystal Reports 2011/2013 Report Application Server.




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  1. Hi ,

    I was unable to find syntax for live to live promotion using LCM CLI.

    Could you please add it to the article or direct me to any.




  2. Former Member

    Hi Pavan,

    You can promote from Live to Live using the LCMCLI if you include a source and destination cms, user and authentication information in the properties file. The action would be "promote" instead of export and you would not include an export location.

    Something like:

    exportquery1=select * from ci_infoojects where si_kind='webi'
  3. Thank you Patrick .

    I was trying to promote content using the same syntax however was unable to.

    Could you please take a look at the following discussion:

  4. Former Member

    Hello Patrick,

    Is these any way of overwriting existing content while promoting objects Live to Live using LCM_CLI.bat ?

    e.g. I have a webi report previously migrated from source to destination using LCM_cli.bat and now I am running the LCM_Cli.bat for the second time, but I want the existing Webi report in the Destination system to be overwritten by the updated report in Source system. how can we achieve this ?