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Closing/Opening Postings at Year End (RFSUMB00 and FAGL_YEC_POSTING_EHP4)



You use this program in new General Ledger Accounting to perform closing and opening entries for a change in fiscal year.


For classic General Ledger Accounting, you use the program: Year-End Postings (RFSUMB00).



This program creates the following postings:

  • Postings for year-end closing of the profit and loss      statements for the fiscal year result

Account Selection  Parameter:      E      1st Run: P&L Accounts

  • Postings for closing and opening the balance sheet      accounts for the new fiscal year

Account Selection  Parameter:      P      2nd Run: Balance Sheet Accounts


In this program, the postings are created in real time using the interface to Accounting (with reference transaction AWTYP Reference procedure      = GLYEC          Year-End Closing Doc).

The totals records resulting from the closing and opening entries are updated with  RRCTY Record type = 5 to be able to distinguish them in reporting from totals records from operational postings (record type 0). The postings are made using the account assignments in the totals record table.

To summarize balances using specific account assignment characteristics, you can use the Business Add-In (BAdI) Summarize Balances Using Account Assignment Characteristics.


Validation is not performed for transferred account assignment characteristics.

You can choose between the following country versions of the program:

  • Italy         SAP&ITALY      Standard Variant for      Italy
  • Slovakia SAP&SLOVAKIA Standard Variant for Slovakia
  • Turkey    SAP&TURKEY               Standard Variant for Turkey
  • Portugal  SAP&PORTUGAL       Standard Variant for Portugal
  • Romania SAP&ROMANIA          Standard      Variant for Romania
  • France  SAP&FRANCE  Standard Variant for France
  • Colombia   SAP&COLUMBIA     Standard Variant for Columbia

When creating your own report variants, always use the respective system variant SAP&* as a template. Parameters that are set in the background in these system variants influence how the report performs postings. To ensure that the posting logic meets the legal requirements for the respective country, you should always start the report with the respective system variant or with a modified copy. The standard delivery corresponds to the posting logic for Italy.


You must fulfill the following prerequisites before you can execute the program:

  • The accounting      reconciliation of last fiscal year has been printed out.
  • The posting      periods for posting the year-end closing and for opening the current      fiscal year is open.
  • The last      transaction for the balance sheet has been performed.
  • Apart from the      special periods for closing entries, the posting periods of the last      fiscal year are closed.
  • The accounting      reconciliation of current fiscal year has been printed out and the totals      have been validated.

Customizing prerequisites:  

Closing/Opening Postings (Specific Countries Only)

     Define Account Determination

    Table: TABKT

You need entry’s in table TABKT before you can start the report we need dummy account for Vendor end Customer postings

For the account determination, you have to assign a dummy customer or vendor account to your reconciliation accounts. Your closing/opening postings are posted to these accounts.

For reconciliation accounts for special G/L transactions you have to enter the special G/L indicator.


Before you can assign a dummy customer or vendor account to a reconciliation account, you must have created this dummy account with master data in the required company code. You must be able to post to the account directly.


To assign a dummy customer or vendor account to a reconciliation account, proceed as follows:

1. Choose New Entries.

2. Enter the company code for which you want to make the assignment.

3. In the field G/L Account, enter the number of the reconciliation account, and in the field Account Type, enter the account type for the reconciliation account (customer or vendor).

4. In the field Customer or Vendor enter the account number of the dummy customer or vendor account.

5. In the field Sp.G/L, enter the indicator for a special G/L transaction.

6. In the fields Debit and Credit enter the posting keys for the debit and credit postings to the dummy customer or vendor account.

7. Save your assignment.


Year-end closing entries for profit and loss statements

The program saves the annual net profit or loss in table FAGL_TRVOR as the comparison value for closing the balance sheet accounts.

In Turkey, you have to close account group 7 separately. To do this, use the program Turkey: Closing Account Class 7 (RFIDTRCLACCL7).


Since the postings are made using the reference transaction GLYEC, you can make postings directly to G/L accounts for which the Post Automatically Only indicator is selected. You cannot enter any other characteristics or account assignments.

Before performing the program in an update run, ensure the following:

    • No other       postings are made in your system at the same time.
    • For       the postings with this program, you use a separate document type with its       own document number range. This enables you to clearly identify this type       of posting in reporting (document journal).


Run the  Program with the following Parameters for opening postings 2013


Select your company code - fiscal year 2012 base for the opening postings 2013



Accounts Tab

The procedure is as follows regarding to the P&L Accounts:

  • 1st Step:

Closing balances of revenue accounts are 'moved' to  REA (retained earnings account) defined in the customizing OB53.

Closing balances of expenses accounts are moved also to REA.

  • 2nd Step: 

The total debit balance of REA is moved to CLosing PL account - defined as paramater  1 in the tab Accounts of the report.

The total credit balance of REA is moved to debit side of the  Closing PL account.

  • 3th Step:

The total balance from the Closing PL account is moved to  Net Result Account defined as parameter  2 in the tab Accounts.




Go in tab Postings use two Document Types

One for the Closing and one for the Opening  

Start the report and generate the postings

In the Log you can see the totals and the selected accounts.


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