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CAF - Guided Procedures (Process Layer)

Can Guided Procedures actions appear in UWL?

Yes, you can configure the guided procedures connector. In System Administration - System Configuration - UWL Configuration select to add a new connector and pick the drop down "Guided Procedures" connector. Now your GP actions will appear in UWL.

For more information on UWL connectors see this blog

Is the development environment required for GP?

No - no development environment needs to be installed. Specifically, you do not need Netweaver Development Studio (NWDS) to develop Guided Procedures unless developing CAF Core components.

What roles are required to use Guided Procedures?

The required roles are explained in this blog .

Where can I get a one-pager on Guided Procedures?

Here is one pager information on Guided Procedures.

What are the various workflow tools available with SAP NetWeaver?

There are several workflow tools avialable with SAP NetWeaver. Your business requirements will drive which tool to use. For an overall view see the Workflow tools in SAP NetWeaver Wiki available in the BPX area.

How can I present my GP processes to the end users?

GP processes can be presented to the end users as a portal content and UWL tasks. For more information on this refer  this blog

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