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CAF - Service Layer (Core)

What is the nature of a project in the SAP Composite Application Framework tool and why do I need it?

In Eclipse every project has a certain type, also known as nature:
Java, EJB, WebDynpro, and so on. This nature enables Eclipse to display the projects correctly in different perspectives. A project can have several natures, so it can be displayed in different perspectives. The composite application services (CAS) perspective only displays projects of the SAP® Composite Application Framework (SAP CAF) tool nature.

What is a CAS DC ?

When a new CAS Development Component is created in fact six DC's with their accompanying projects are created. The most important one is the CAS DC itself, which contains the Application Services, Entity Services and External Services. Also a dictionary DC is created to store the SimpleTypes and the tables created for the Entity Services. A WebDynpro DC is created to define the user interface of the composite application.

How can I use the services in the UI?

The CAS creates EJB Session Beans to expose the functionality to the outside world. Out of these EJBs, webservices can be generated. The UI (WebDynpro, JSP, .NET) can choose to call the webservices or the EJBs directly.

How can the service browser of the service & UI layer of the SAP Composite Application Framework (SAP CAF) tool be used?

With the help of the service browser functionality you can test methods of entity and application services that are modeled by the SAP® Composite Application Framework (SAP CAF) tool and deployed on the J2EE engine.
It is a test tool - please be aware that all methods of an entity service of the CRUD type (create, read, update, and delete) and "query" can be tested. The same types of methods can be tested for application services.
However, not all types of custom methods are testable, only those that have no output and have no structure with cardinality = 1 as input. That means that the service browser cannot handle custom methods with output parameters and custom methods with input parameters typed as structure with cardinality = 1.

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