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Today's businesses are producing amounts of data. Most of them are given little attention to after they have been stored, archived, or deleted. Value realization is a topic which gets more and more attention. There are a lot of challenges to consider. Just let's name some of them

  • determine and show value of work to the business / organization
  • find the right screws to increase the positive impact in your lines of business
  • solve the right issues

The Value Management Dashboard (formally ICI) is a tool which helps you to visualize your objectives and improve your business values. With this dashboard you can use these data easily and visualize added value. Measured data, defined KPIs and monitored results are managed with the SAP Solution Manager. With the Value Management Dashboard created or improved business value can be shown.


  • Monitor KPIs which are predelivered with the tool (IT KPIs, BPA, DVM, CCM & MAI)
  • Define and visualize own Business Value KPIs
  • Configure your custom Value Management Dashboard  
  • Manage your 4 Panel Approach


  • Create transparency by showing the historical values and their continuous improvement over time
  • Group low level KPIs into groups and scorecards in order to build an abstracted view to the end users
  • Integrate Value Thinking and visualize Strategic Business Objectives, Enablement topics & KPIs
  • Maximize Customers’ value from their Investment in SAP as circumstances change
  • Deliver Tangible, Provable and Accelerated Value to every Line Of Business

Implementation Options

  • Solution Manager 7.1 SP 12 and higher: The Classic UI will be delivered as a standard tool with SP12 and can be used after configuration.
  • Solution Manager 7.1, SP 05 or higher: If you are not able to upgrade your Solution Manager right now or if you need a simple solution without automation, go for the Simplified UI.     Simplified UI Overview
  • Solution Manager 7.1 SP 12 and higher: The Classic UI can be combined with the simplified UI to get ful advantage of both options


You have 2 options to contact us directly:

  1. open a message under the component SV-SVG-MP
  2. send an email to