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When you choose Execute in Guided Procedure Browser or Preview in Guided Procedure Maintenance, the guided procedure runtime UI opens, and you can execute this guided procedure. All steps and activities will be executed for the selected scope, so manual activities with navigation links will navigate to the managed systems selected in the scope, automatic activities, custom UIs or plugins might trigger automatic actions in the managed systems.

The following screenshot is an example of the guided procedure runtime UI.




The Guided Procedure scope (systems, databases or hosts) for which the guided procedure will be executed, is listed at the top of the UI.

Roadmap (Header) shows all steps of the guided procedure, and which step is currently being processed. Traffic lights indicate the execution status of the activities in the steps.

Help provides detailed information about each step, such as what needs to be done, and what will happen in the background.

Activity lists all activities in each step, and the activity documentation, which describes what has to be done.

The Guided Procedure Framework supports the following types of activities:

  • Manual activities contain documentation of what needs to be done, and a navigation link to a screen in the managed system, solution manager or an external link.
  • Automatic activities trigger the automatic execution of certain activities in solution manager, in background.
  • Custom UIs and plug-ins provide embedded UIs that allow the user to enter data and trigger the execution of certain activities in Solution Manager or in the managed system, using this data.

The Log shows detailed logs for every activity that has been performed. Logs are updated automatically based on the execution status of each activity. You can also enter comments.





Header contains:

  • Guided procedure name
  • Context object

Jump-in available to landscape information

NB: Support of multiple objects in scope.

  • Logged user name
  • Flash Roadmap:

- Guided procedure, with all steps for the selected scenario

- Consolidated status information based on objects in the context

NB: The status of optional activities is not included in the calculation of the consolidated status.





This section provides detailed information on each step, such as what needs to be done, and what will happen in the background

Help Text can be an SE61 document, PDF document, or link to a PDF.

Help text may include screenshots.







This section lists all activities (manual/automatic) with a navigation link and documentation.

Navigation should open an application on the target managed object.

Execution status

  • Automatic Activity:

      -  Postponed

      -  Execute

      -  Performed manually

      -  Performed manually, with errors



  • Manual Activity

      -  Not Performed

      -  Performed

      -  Performed with Errors






Shows detailed logs per activity: date, time and user

One log item always refers to one context object. If multiple objects are defined in the GP context, one log line is created per context object.

Optional custom comments may be added by the user




Details column is also available to display complex log (e.g. tree structure)


Runtime Good to Know


  • Optional steps and activities


In Guided procedure maintenance ,an activity can be marked as optional.

In guided procedure runtime, a step is optional if all its activities are optional. It will be grey and without a status.


  • Mixed step

 A mixed step can contain different types of activities (auto+manual  or  auto+custom or manual+custom)


The status of a mixed step is the combination of the statuses of all mandatory activities, optional activities are not included in the consolidation of step's status.

  • Enforce linear execution & Activities dependency

If in the Guided procedure maintenance, the guided procedure property "Enforce Step Sequence" is checked.



In the runtime of this guided procedure ,the execution of steps is linear, so that you can only go to the next step if all the previous mandatory steps have been executed (their status is not Not Performed), otherwise an error is raised when a user tries to go to this step:

  • Export to HTML  functionality

New functionality offered with SP12 exports all information about the execution of the GP and the generation of an HTML report.

You can select which parts are included in the report:


  • Create incident

A customer can report an incident via a support message, from the runtime UI.



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  1. Former Member

    Why only the short text of the Log Comments  show up in the HTML Export? Where is the comment?

    1. Hello Stefan, this is true, the log details is not yet visible in the html report. In 7.1 SP12 only the short text is visible in the report itself. To see the full comment you need to go into solman setup and click on "Show" link. A rework of this html report content is planned according to the different feedbacks.

      Thank you for your feedback!