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The purpose of this page is to consolidate and proactively provide information around DCP (Deski Compatibility Pack)


With each release of XI3.1 FP 6.x and FP7.x Desktop Intelligence Client in correlation with various versions of BI4.x, there have been various issues encountered.

Issues observed range from Installation, Scheduling, and Excel.

If you have any comments or would like to provide feedback, please login to SCN and use the comments section at the bottom of the page.

List of KB's/Notes by Type:

What is DCP

1920743 - Desktop Intelligence Compatibility Pack (DCP) in Business Intelligence 4.1


Maintenance Cycle:

2084766 - Desktop Intelligence Compatibility Pack support status with SAP BI 4.1 and 4.2



1896617 - Sample silent install script for installing DCP

1903183 - DCP related binaries are not copied to BI4.1 Install Path

1921375 - "Universe connection is not accessible cannot load universe (UNV0003)" error when trying to select universe from DCP in BI4.1

1939383 - DCP: Configure Desktop Intelligence Compatibility Pack (DCP) in Business Intelligence 4.1 to create, refresh and schedule DeskI reports in BI 4.1

2018292 - After Configuring Desktop Intelligence Compatibility Pack (DCP) in Business Intelligence 4.1 , list of universes is empty when trying to create DeskI documents in 3-tier mode

2042056 - DCP using XI3.1 SP07 Client Tools

2053681 - You do not have the right to access data for this universe connection. See your desktop Intelligence administrator Universe connection is not accessible. Cannot load universe.(UNV0003)

2053335 - BusObjSchedule.exe should not be packaged in BOE Client Install.

2061600 - DCP does not work for all upgrade or installation scenarios


Side by Side:

1970987 - Problem trying to open a Desktop Intelligence report by double clicking the report does not open.


Export to Excel:

1969538 - DCP: DeskI report is getting many added columns when saved in Excel

1999743 - In Desktop Intelligence, the XLS output is different between when are connected to a BI4.1 environment or we are in offline mode.

2059319 - DeskI Compatibility Pack (DCP)-Merged cells when saving the Desktop Intelligence report to Excel.


Export to PDF:

2322229 - BI 4.x: Desktop Intelligence report with multiline cells are getting exported incorrectly into PDF when using DCP


Import/Export Report:

1906681 - BI 4.1: Within Desktop Intelligence, Inbox shows the same contents as the Favourites folder after importing a document

2184728 - When trying to navigate BI 4.1 Enterprise folders in Desktop Intelligence, Deski will crash with "SAP SE has stopped working"


New Document Wizard:

1892171 - Desktop Intelligence Crashes when connected to SAP BI 4.1


Slice & Dice:

2670158 - DCP does not show the Slice & Dice Menu Bar


Calculation Engine:

2298787 - DCP (Deski Compatibility Pack) all variables that contains a ‘divide sign(/)’ are replaced with ‘12:00 AM’

2520025 - "Error during SQL generation. One of the objects in the query is not valid. (QP0009)" when viewing the SQL Script of a User Object using DCP


Credential Mapping:

2707368 - Using credential mapping in Desktop Intelligence documents connecting to BI 4.2 Support Pack 05 Patch 4 results in a database error


Free Hand SQL:

2385217 - DeskI crashes while editing connections of FHSQL reports or creating new connections for FHSQL reports



1896616 - Script to enable Deski SDK to switch between versions

2170290 - No VBA Macro access using Deski Compatibility Pack (DCP)


Log on:

2034746 - Desktop Intelligence Compatibility Pack (DCP) crashes when trying to connect, if it's installed with BI4.1 SP2

2305836 - Your login is not valid. (USR0003) Deski Compatibility Pack (DCP)



1902176 - BI 4.1: DCP Desktop Intelligence successful instances should open without any issues for PDF/XLS/RTF/TXT formats

1911271 - File Event based Scheduling in DCP

1932312 - DCP: Incorrect status for Desktop Intelligence schedules in BI launchpad History page (shows as Pending)

1937040 - DCP: When Desktop Intelligence document is scheduled by a user to e-mail / FTP destination, schedule fails

1937124 - DCP: Desktop Intelligence documents scheduled to Inbox destination are not visible from Desktop Intelligence application

1971057 - DeskI Report schedule dates scrolling shows incorrect values

1993640 - Desktop Intelligece Report Scheduling fails with DCP

2040412 - DCP: When Desktop Intelligence document is scheduled to File Location, the file is not generated

2054753 - Scheduling multiple DeskI reports at the same time are not generating output file to FTP location through DCP in BI 4.1

2148342 - Publication is not possible using BI 4.1 Platform using Deski Compatibility Pack (DCP)

2164417 - DCP: scheduling fails intermittently with forllowing error in event viewer: "Exception in EntryPoint:CreateBOObject : LogonWithToken failed"

1309835 - Schedule option grayed out in DCP for non-admin user

2442181 - Table format is skewing to the right viewing or printing Deski reports when using HP LaserJet 4000 PS (postscript) driver with LPR using Deski Compatibility Pack

2463728 - DCP Schedule to Email destination fails with error message- PublishToDestinations::PublishToDestiantionSendAsMail:SendAsMail Exception :: The message could not be sent to the SMTP server. The transport error code was 0x80070057. The server response was not available


Historical Instances:

2049352 - BI Launchpad does not display the parameters used to process an existing Desktop Intelligence instance (DCP)


Command Line Interface:

2421187 - Not able to open a deski document via command line using DCP



1997168 - How to trace/log DCP (Deski Compatibility Pack)


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