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Vulnerability CVE-2021-44228 for Apache Log4J

Vulnerability CVE-2021-44228 for Apache Log4J: Please be aware, that SAP Engineering Control Center does not use Log4J and therefore there is not impact for SAP Engineering Control Center. The CAD interface "SAP Engineering Control Center interface to PTC Creo" is using Log4J and a solution is available. Details see here.

Welcome to the SAP Community Space of SAP Engineering Control Center (SAP ECTR).

SAP Engineering Control Center (SAP ECTR) is SAP's strategic platform to integrate authoring tools like mechanical CAD or electrical CAD systems. It is available for SAP ECC 6.0 EHP5+ and SAP S/4HANA 1511+. More details can be found on the Overview - SAP ECTR.


SAP ECTR Product Page

SAP ECTR Brochure
SAP ECTR Compendium

SAP ECTR Roadmap

Release Strategy

A detailed planning of the release strategy can be found in here. On the page "SAP Notes with respect to SAP ECTR" you will also find a couple SAP Notes which explain the strategy in detail.


To better understand SAP PLM in the overall context of SAP S/4HANA there is also a training offered. For details follow this link.


Please be aware, that we recently finished the 3rd review cycle for the improvement requests. The result was published here.


Blog post on recent SAP-Siemens partnership and what does the partnership mean for SAP’s PLM solution strategy.

Release strategy for SAP ECTR: see SAP Note 2949165

See also the announcement's of our core partners: Cenit, CIDEON, DSC and .riess.

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Table of Contents

Videos on youtube

This video will give you a high level overview of SAP Engineering Control Center and how multiple CAD systems are integrated

This video shows the overall process of developing mechatronic products.

This video will show you how you can collaborate with external design engineers, exchanging CAD files with IPD collaboration.



  1. Most of the links to the notes point to the internal system instead of ... besides that I like this Information.

    1. Done. Replace with

  2. Hello Gerhard, I see that SAP Engineering Control Center is differently abbreviated in the texts above (ECTR, SAP ECTR). Since I know there is no official release for such abbreviations. Could you eliminate these, please? Thanks Tini

  3. Former Member

    When I installed ECTR, and configured a storage repository, but when I create a document, the error occurred in the diagram: the original can not be loaded.          

    Why is that? How to solve?

  4. are there any plans to extend this integration platform concept beyond an engineering focus?  For example, to be able to launch Variant Configuration modeling tools like Product Modeling Environment (PME-VC), or SAP CPQ modeling tools like Solution Modeling Environment (SME), in order to support the sale of configurable products.

  5. Former Member

    Hi Guys, can anyone help to create an FAQ on how to add fields in object browser?

    e.g. To display date and time of content version in Originals tab.

      1. Former Member

        Hi Gerhard,

        I have find the layout now. It's determined by tree layout at Content Version level in Desktop Window, problem solved. Thank you very much.



  6. Is anyone else having issues getting to the SAP Online Documentation?  The following link appears to be broken (it only partially loads - background only; no actual content):

    1. please try and then search for "Engineering Control Center"

      1. I've done that.  It doesn't get me to where I want to go.  Notice that none of the results, in this screenshot, are for the Engineering Control Center core "product".

        1. Hi,

          can you raise an support incident? Seems that you have a different view than I.

          When entering the search term I get a type-ahead-proposal with the product ECTR.

          When clicking on that I can navigate to ECTR Help.

          Currently there is also issues with the help portal availability.



  7. Former Member

    Hi guys,

    Customers always have requirements on their own complicated material numbering rules. Can anyone help to share on how to enhance with ECTR material creation?

    Maybe we can start with setting in default.txt material_number_assignment="exit" ?




  8. Hi  "owners"!
    I was wondering that the first youtube link to 

    This video will give you a high level overview of SAP Engineering Control Center isn't working since a few weeks. This video is shown as "private" now.
    Maybe this can be changed again?
    best regards,

    1. Hi Martin,

      thanks for the hint. I have updated the link to a new overview video.



      1. Thank you Gerhard,