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The system log in SM21 shows errors as follows for user SAPSYS:

Operating system call connect failed (error no. 150 )



The messages in the syslog:     Q0 I Operating system call connect failed (error no. 150 )

usually correspond to the following messages in the SPO WP trace files:

     M ***LOG Q0I=> NiBufIConnect: connection pending after 10240ms: connect (150: Operation now in progress) [nibuf.cpp 4658]      M *** ERROR => NiBufIConnect: non-buffered connect pending after 10240ms (hdl 38; [nibuf.cpp 4669]



If that is the case, these kinds of errors can occur if you try to print directly to printers, rather than through a spool server as is recommended.  SAP does not recommend connecting network printers directly, as described in note 64628: 

       # 64628 - Using network printers from R/3


Some printers cannot buffer enough data and simultaneously handle further connection requests from the network.  As per Note # 64628, you should ensure there is a print server between SAP and the printer.

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