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Embargo - country specific


The purpose of this wiki page is to give an intorduction on the country specific embargo functionality within SD.

How to activate the embargo check?


The embargo indicator is set at destination country level:

SPRO -> … -> Legal Control -> Foreign Trade Data by Country of Destination (transaction VE53, table T606K)

The legal control check is activated for the document on header and on item level.

SPRO → Sales and Distribution → Foreign Trade/Customs → Legal Control →  Document Control


It is important to activate the check on Item level too, because a different ship-to-party can be defined on Item level. 

What is checked?

The country of the following document partners is checked: sold-to party, bill-to party, payer, ship-to party, final customer.

The embargo indicator in customizing is date-dependent. The check is carried out against the requested delivery date of the sales order header (VBAK-VADTU).

The embargo check is the second step of the 3-step export control.  If an embargo is active, no further checks are carried out, the sales order gets blocked.

If in customizing there is an entry with a date smaller than the requested delivery date, then the sales order gets blocked as a precaution  (as it may be the case that the customizing entry was not updated by mistake).  For this reason an up-to-date customizing entry should be available at all times (or none at all).

The embargo indicator cannot be set depending on the departure country (this is only possible in GTS).


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