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This API generates outputs for clients and exports


Possible workflows:


In BI4.x:


KBA/SAP note

Saving a Webi document to Excel format


Exporting a Webi document to Excel format1818762 
Modifying merged dimensions in Webi BI Launchpad1710804 

In XI3.x:


KBA/SAP note

Editing a query a Webi1514277 
Purging data of a report in edit mode1484228 
Viewing a converted report in HTML or PDF format1263899 
Switching report tabs of a webi report in edit mode1750987 
Editing a crosstab in Webi report1299876 
Saving a Webi document  which contains a hyperlink1767034 
with multiple report tabs1799055
Removing a sum value in Webi report1300249 
Refreshing a webi document  1561126 
Modifying a converted webi report1299074 
Scheduling several webi documents concurrently1315026