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This API is responsible for opening the document firstly from cache and if not present then from the repository.

We distinguish Two API names: 'openDocumentMDP' which opens a single document and  'openDocumentsMDP' which opens multiple documents.


Possible workflows:


In XI3.x:


KBA/SAP note

Opening  migrated webi reports


 In Unix environment 1386403 
Opening  any type of document (Webi, Deski, Crystal Reports, etc) in Infoview1294450 
 an existing Webi document1416836 
Opening/ Refreshing a Webi DocumentWith Czech Locale1427048 
 With Finnish Locale 1502380 
 With French Locale 1447258   
Previewing an Xcelsius dashboard using QaaWS  1749085 
Scheduling a Webi document  1266412   
Viewing Webi documents Error is intermittent1336262   
  Error is permanent1257290