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This API is responsible for triggering the modification(s) in the report.

'updateRS is the API used in XI3.x and BI4.0. However, from BI4.1 onwards,  'submitReport' API is the new used.


Possible workflows:

If you are getting a failure on 'updateRS' API:

In XI3.x:


KBA/SAP note

Duplicating a report in Webi infoview 1351330   
Scheduling a publicationto dynamic recipients 1421872   
 based on more than one source document1712908 
Refreshing or purging data in Webi migrated documents1290720 
documents 1484228   
Deleting a sum value in a migrated Webi report 1300249 
Editing a crosstab in Webi report1299876 
Edit a Webi query1514277 
Saving a Webi document 1584024 
Opening a Webi document1561126   
Using new features of SP3 patch1630866 


In 4.0:


KBA/SAP note

Adding a column / deleting a header row in Webi report1705374 
Expanding an hierarchy in Webi report 1679990 
Editing a crosstab in Webu report 1734730 
Saving a modified Webi document 1824201 


If you are getting a failure on 'submitReport' API:

In 4.1:


KBA/SAP note

Refreshing Webi documents on IPAD1971251 
Changing a Webi report source1984639