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You get this message in transaction PB2A_RTI or PB2A:

Reproducing this Substatus:

  1. Execute the relevant E-Filing outgoing report  i.e. FPS,EYU, EPS or P11D  generating an XML file (i.e. selecting the "XML With ALV" option on the Selection Screen)
  2. Go to the B2A Manager, select the relevant XML file for the data to be submitted and click on the Execute button.
  3. The B2A Manager shows the status/ substatus "Waiting Poll: again" instead of  "OK,Final Confirmation by IR"


A "Waiting Poll: again" message is expected when no answer can be downloaded from the Government Gateway in the 3 automatic attempts the application carries out.
This happens e.g. when HMRC's systems are busy during peak times due to a high amount of data traffic. If you try again later/ outside of peak times, it is more probable that an answer can be downloaded, depending on HMRC's systems.
If you would like to know whether or not HMRC has received anything, please get in touch with them for more information.

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