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  • Query Property: Use Selection of Structure Elements (also named KIDSEL)
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In transaction RSRT it is possible to activate feature "Use Selection of Structure Elements" in the query properties of a query. In newer releases the feature is activated by the default.


The feature "Use Selection of Structure Elements" works the way that, when active, only selections required for the actually displayed query elements are requested. If you have e.g. two restricted keyfigures (that are independent from each another) and one of them is hidden in the query output, then only the other restricted key figure will be requested. You can find a detailed explanation in the F1 help.

The purpose of this flag is to increase query performance as less data is requested by the DataManager.

When this feature shouldn't be used:
In some cases using this "Use Selection of Structure Elements" might lead to unexpected/incorrect results and thus must not be used:

  • You are using virtual key figures and are doing calculations/changes on key figures that are hidden in the query result, see note 2118240.
  • You are using a virtual provider based on a function modules that is requiring the information of key figures hidden in the query result.

Constant Selection & KIDSEL: If a query uses constant selection you need to be aware of the following point:

  • As explained in note 1732026, it may be necessary to have hidden key figures which guarantee that the query displays the desired drilldown. Hence, the feature KIDSEL does not work the normal way for queries with constant selection. It only has an effect if the hidden key figure itself has constant selection active.

SAP Consulting Notes

2118240 - Virtual keyfigures do not work as expected with selection of structure elements

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