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This WIKI page contains historical certification reports for obsolete versions of ASE, generally from before when SAP acquired Sybase.  The information is most likely of use for customers who are still running on older versions of ASE.  For the certification status of the current actively supported versions (ASE 15.7 and ASE 16.0) please refer to the Product Availability Matrix (PAM) ( .    


ASE Certificatons on TurboLinux
Certification IDProduct NamePlatformVersionStatusCertification DateNotes
1230Adaptive Server EnterpriseTurbolinux Server 10 (x86)15.0Certified2006-03-3132-bit ASE 15.0 was certified on Turbolinux Server 10 (x86).  ASE 15.5 has not certified with Turbolinux 10, no plan on this. ASE CE 15.5 doesnot support 32bit system
433Adaptive Server EnterpriseTurbolinux Ent Svr 8.0 (x86)12.5Certified2004-08-0232-bit ASE 12.5.1 required. Testing was done on SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8.0/United Linux 1.0 (kernel: 2.4.19-113, glibc: 2.2.5-213). SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) is based on the United Linux 1.0 platform. As a result, Adaptive Server certification on SLES confers implied certification of other Linux distributions based on the United Linux 1.0 platform - such as Turbolinux Ent Svr 8.0.  For 32-bit ESD #1 and above support on SLES 8.0/UL 1.0. See this <a href="" target="_blank">Technical Document</a> for details. 
594Adaptive Server EnterpriseTurbolinux DataServer 7.1 (x86)12.5Certified2005-02-0832-bit ASE 12.5.2 required. Testing was done on Turbolinux Dataserver 7.1 (kernel: 2.4.21-16, glibc: 2.3.2-95.20).  Known issue: InstallShield/srvbuild does not find rawdevices -- fixed in ASE12.5.3
630Adaptive Server EnterpriseTurbolinux Server 10 (x86)12.5Certified2005-11-15ASE 12.5.2 and above are certified on Turbolinux Server 10 x86. Large Memory Support feature for Linux and ASE High Availability feature are not certified on this platform.




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