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  1. Hi All,

    I have a doubt regarding backend system configuration. My backend system has multiple HTTP & HTTPS ports and they are active. All of them have been used in different services.

    Now I would like to do backend system configuration at webdispatcher as whenever a request comes from particular SRCURL then we should redirect to particular port in backend system.

    Please let me know how can I acheive this.



    1. Hello Dinesh,

      Since the "wdisp/system_X" parameter does not provide such possibility, the only option I see would be to configure the backend systems as if they were external systems (e.g., using EXTSRV instead of MSHOST/MSPORT).

      However, this could have some impact on the load balance, as the load balancing will be "limited" from the Web Dispatcher perspective. It would use a simple round robin procedure, instead of making a "smarter" load balancing as it can do when configure the backends properly.

      I am curious, though, why there would be such requirement (to send specific URLs to specific ports on the backend).


  2. SAP Note 3133628 - FAQ: SAP HANA Web Dispatcher

    The FAQ Note 3133628 is an entry point for understanding the differences between HANA Web Dispatcher for XS Classic and XS Advanced and references relevant documentation. Furthermore, it collects topics for which customers frequently open incidents, like the error HANA XS Classic engine returns an error 403 - "Access denied", error 503 - "Service unavailable" or error 500 "Internal Server Error".