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  1. Hi All,

    I have a doubt regarding backend system configuration. My backend system has multiple HTTP & HTTPS ports and they are active. All of them have been used in different services.

    Now I would like to do backend system configuration at webdispatcher as whenever a request comes from particular SRCURL then we should redirect to particular port in backend system.

    Please let me know how can I acheive this.



    1. Hello Dinesh,

      Since the "wdisp/system_X" parameter does not provide such possibility, the only option I see would be to configure the backend systems as if they were external systems (e.g., using EXTSRV instead of MSHOST/MSPORT).

      However, this could have some impact on the load balance, as the load balancing will be "limited" from the Web Dispatcher perspective. It would use a simple round robin procedure, instead of making a "smarter" load balancing as it can do when configure the backends properly.

      I am curious, though, why there would be such requirement (to send specific URLs to specific ports on the backend).