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The Update Tool Software Update Manager (SUM)

 The Software Update Manager (SUM) is a multi-purpose tool that supports various processes, such as performing a release upgrade, installing enhancement packages, applying Support Package Stacks, installing add-ons, or updating single components.

 Please visit the central page of SL toolset


and navigate to the separate page Software Update Manager:

Here you can find the SUM central note, the SUM guide and the Download Link. 

 SUM is offered in two versions since 11.09.2017:

  • SUM 2.0 is for ABAP single stacks, targeting systems based on BASIS 7.50 and higher
    (exception: SUM 2.0 is used for ZDO even if target is BASIS 7.40 or lower)
  • SUM 1.0 is always used if the source system is either a dual-stack system, or a Java stack
  • SUM 1.0 is used for ABAP stack if target is based on BASIS 7.40 or lower


Read this blog for more details: SUM in the family way.

Related SAP Notes and  Documents :

2580453 Central Note - Software Update Manager 2.0 SP03 [lmt_023]

2472928 Central Note - Software Update Manager 1.0 SP22 [lmt_004]

Troubleshooting Issues with the SUM tool

Best practices for upgrading sap systems

SUM in the family way

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Software Update Manager (SUM): introducing the tool for software maintenance

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SUM Guide

This guide describe the generic update and upgrade processes using the Software Update Manager and are specific for operating systems and databases. 

The SUM guide can be downloaded from the SAP Support Portal page Software Update Manager 

or directly from the SAP HELP Portal    User Guides for System Maintenance Tools 

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The Central Note of Software Update Manager (SUM) 

Describes errors in the update process; preparations for the update; additional information to the update guides. 
This note is updated regularly!    Therefore, you must read it again immediately before starting the tool. 

2580453 Central Note - Software Update Manager 2.0 SP03 [lmt_023]

2472928 Central Note - Software Update Manager 1.0 SP22 [lmt_004]

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  1. trying to upgrade NW-7.50 to NW-7.52 with SUM 2.0 

    running SUM it was wasting time - in phase-2 this error occurs:  2 add-on have to be uninstalled with SAINT ??? so reset SUM and start SAINT !!??


    why SUM can not do all work around an upgrade-task (stack-xml),

    if there are some add-on to be uninstalled, why SUM can not do this ???

  2. Hello Christoph,

    The Add-ons can be un-installed with SUM as long as the un-installation was included in the Maintenance Plan transaction in Maintenance Planner, I suggest it is better to open a post in the SAP Community.

  3. Hi I'm trying to download the installation kit of SUM 2.0, but I can only see the patch of SUM 2.0, not the installation kit. I opend a Service Request No:1302259985

    What I can do ?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Hello Gilberto
    there is no installation kit. Just download the actual Patch Version and extract that using SAPCAR. Afterwards you can execute the full SUM using actual Patch Level.