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Info about primary extractors:


  • 0PM_PRM_PLCS_2 does not use maintenance items, only task lists; so TPM_C05-TLIST_AUART must be maintained, because various costing relevant parameters depend on AUART.
  • Note 1711787 Error message in the application log: No further processing

Extractors 2LIS_17_xx and 2LIS_18_xx

  • Note 603934, 879320 explains setup tables, note 667544 customizing of notification types
  • Reverse/delete image note 711750


  • FL description described in the note 1413996


  • FM behind is PMEX_0PM_MAINTPOS


  • FM behind is PMEX_0EQUIPMENT


When you extract data from 0PM_ORDER_STATUS the  following message is coming by RSA3.

Errors occurred during the extraction Message no. RJ012


As it is visible from code, it is necessary to insert a value into the field UTMS.

If you implement the note 1712874 - 0PM_ORDER_STATUS - Parameter check - FULL update in ECC system, the parameter UTMS will not be checked in FULL mode.

0PM_C23 BI Content problem

The transformations, infosources and other objects are missing in the BI content installation of cube 0PM_C23.

0PM_C23 (EAM Benchmark) is part of the RDS EAM Intelligence that has been developed in 2011.
No further BI content objects 'below' this object are delivered as part of BI content Service packs. Further configuration steps - i.e. PC file data sources - are described in the corresponding RDS configuration guide.

If you are not a customer of this RDS no further configuration steps are required.


Note 2299213 - Restrictions for BW-Extractors in S/4HANA in the Enterprise Asset Management domain (EAM)

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    Hi Eszter


    You mentioned that Further Configuration steps are described in the corresponding RDS Configuration Guide.

    But i cant find the guide.

    Perhaps did i missed some attachment.


    Thanks in advance