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How to create a new SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer Search Query and use this as a new Visual Analytics Function for SAP ECTR.

Relevant configuration-files:

Relevant standard scripts:


  • Define attributes which are relevant for Visual Anaytics
    1. Open default.txt
    2. Define attributes

Example for Status and User from DRAW and Materialtype from MARA;DRAW-7;MARA-MARA-MTART

Example for all attributes from DRAW and MARA*;MARA-*


  • Create a new query in SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer (VEV)
  1. Create a Search Query in VEV
  2. Define Metadata for Filter
  3. Select relevant Metadata (e.g. Status)
  4. Add Action and additional Statements
    (here we make a coloration for all released “FR” documents in green and for all other documents in pink)
  5. Save Query (here XXX.rhq)
    Save Query as a new rhq-file under the relvant path for standard scripts.
  • Create new function in the Menu for the Query
  1. Open default.txt
  2. Cretae a new entry for the new function in the following preference:

    New entry:

  • Define a dictionary key for the new function
  1. Open customer.txt
  2. Add a new entry:
    fnc.execute.visual.enterprise.query(XXX.rhq) = New Function XXX

  • Save all changes in the files and restart SAP ECTR


Result is a new Visual Analytics Function in the SAP 3D VEV menu: