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In order to make a smooth and efficient investigation, it would be helpful if SAP could remotely log into BW and its Source System(such as ECC, SCM, CRM, S/4HANA, etc). Below is the list of necessary information, and while contacting SAP Support, it's also suggested to do some self-service, such as searching the documentation, asking in SAP Forum, etc.

1. R/3 Support connection

--> The connection to only the source system of BW, if issue can be reproduced in RSA3 or report RODPS_REPL_TEST(for ODP scenario) in the source system.
--> The connection to both BW system and the source system, if issue is not reproducible in the source system by RSA3 or the report above.

See Note 31515 - Service connections.

--> Logon data in the Logon Depot (Note 2436508):
  • System
  • Client
  • User (SAP_ALL & SAP_NEW Authority profiles) -> SAP Support Guidelines for required transactions in BW-BCT and BC-BW incidents
  • Password

    For some BANKING customers or the systems which have the highest security level, remote connection cannot be open.
    Please provide the version including the support package level of application component:SAP_BW / BI_CONT / DW4CORE / DW4CONT / SAP_BASIS / PI_BASIS.

2. Other details for analysis:

  • [Datasource Name] Which datasource is facing the current issue?
  • [Extraction mode] Full / Delta / Init / Simulation?
  • [Loading request number]:
    -- REQU_* for an infopackage, as well as Package number and Record number if apply.
    -- DTPR_* for a DTP
  • [Field name] Technical name & description of the field which extracts incorrect value, and what's your expected value + why.
  • [Dump] If there's a ST22  dump, please export and attach the whole dump by note 1896868 - How to save a short dump in text format. Please also keep the extraction background job log(Starting with BIREQU_* ) in the Source System.
  • [Reproduce steps] (Note 978089 - LIS/BW-BCT: Reproducible example requested)
    -- For Full Issue: The selection criteria of RSA3 (in case of RSA3 can reproduce the issue) OR the selection of Infopackage / DTP (in case that RSA3 cannot reproduce the issue)
    -- For Delta issue: How to create / change document to generate the incorrect / unexpected delta data. If the 'reproducing' is not allowed in the production system, please check if the same issue could be reproduced in the other system (dev/qa/test).

    Please be aware that, to find out the root cause for any unexpected/incorrect BW extraction, we need a reproducible example. Just from looking at data that already exists on the ERP, it is not possible anymore to find out exactly how this data was created / why no data was extracted. To be able to find out this, we would need to reproduce ourselves directly on your system the process leading to the problematic extraction. That is, we would need to create / change a document(order) ourselves in your system to be able to analysis the BW extraction in detail.

    The extraction log is helpful to find about more about the circumstance of a problematic extraction, however, it usually cannot be used to find out the root cause of any such issue for sure.
    Therefore SAP would kindly ask you again to provide us with a real reproducible example for this issue.

    And the written permission to reproduce the issue.

  • [ST12 trace] Only when there's a performance issue - long-run extraction job / long-run data transfer. Please record the ST12 trace for RSA3 / Infopackage (decided by what action can reproduce the issue). Or give SAP written permission to record the trace by SAP.

3. Component check - wrong value / data loading error

Firstly please (customer / SAP Product) identify where the record becomes incorrect, then check the following conditions:

  • Is the data extracted correctly by RSA3 in source system?  (Regarding RSA3 usage, please see note 529789 - Differences between BW extraction and extractor checker.)
    -> If no, please select a proper BW-BCT-* component for further analysis.

    0FI_GL_*/ 0FI_AP_* / 0FI_AR_*/ 0FI_ACDOCA_*BW-BCT-FI
    0CFM*FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM-IS (instead of BW-BCT-CFM)
    Documentation/ BI contentBW-BCT-DOC
    BI content / BW4 Content.BW-BCT-GEN
    LO Cockpit (LBWE)BW-BCT-LO-LIS
    Master Data LogisticBW-BCT-LO-MD
    -> more details to sub-components: BW-BCT - Business Content and Extractors

    <When SAPI is used>

  • If the data extracted by RSA3 is correct, but the data loaded to PSA table is incorrect.
    -> Probably the issue lies in BW Service API, please consider BC-BW component. Please check note 529789.
  • If the data extracted to PSA table is correct, but the data loaded to Cube/DSO is incorrect, please consider to put it under BW-WHM-DST component.

  • If LISTCUBE displays incorrect data, the component might be BW-BEX-OT*.
  • If the data is correct in data target, such as Cube/DSO, but the query result is incorrect. Please test the query result in T-code RSRT:
    > If the result of RSRT is incorrectBW-BEX-OT-* would be the proper one.
    > If RSRT is correct, but incorrect in Analyzer or Portal, please consider to select BW-BEX-ET-* as the component.

    <When ODP is used>

  • → Check /nODQMON in the ODP source system, if job log (ODQR*) has error, the component would be BC-BW-ODP or BW-BCT-* based on the exact information. If BW system is used as the ODP source system, component might be BW4-DM-OUT-ODP / BW-WHM-DBA-ODA.
  • → If RSA3 result is correct but test report RODPS_REPL_TEST returns incorrect data, you could firstly choose BC-BW-ODP. After checking by SAP Support, it may be changed to BW-BCT-* component.
  • → If RODPS_REPL_TEST shows correct value as well, however the data becomes incorrect after it's loaded to the target systems, the component would be:
Target SystemComponent



ByDesign / C4C


BW(by infopackage)BC-BW-ODP
Embedded AnalyticsBC-EIM-ESH

SAP HANA Smart Data Integration
Source BW
HANA Views

SAP ERP ExtractorsBC-BW, BW-BCT*

4. Component check - Performance issue

Firstly please (customer / SAP Product) identify in which step / data flow the extraction is slow.

SAPI: Does extraction job (BIREQ_*) in the source system take a long time?
→ Yes, please select a proper BW-BCT component
→ No. Job is OK but REQU_* in BW system takes a long time, it's probably BC-BW component.

ODP: Does report RODPS_REPL_TEST take a long time?
→ Yes, please consider BW-BCT or BC-BW-ODP component
→ No, you may choose BC-BW-ODP component for first round check.

5. Component check - Activating BI Content Bundle (transaction BSANLY_BI_ACTIVATION)

  • Not BW-BCT-TCT, BI content is a different concept with the BI content bundle
  • The workbench issue & usage of transaction BSANLY_BI_ACTIVATION itself  → CA-EPT-ANL-ACT
  • Issue occurs when activating bundle /ERP/SFIN_PLANNING → CO-OM
  • Issue occurs when activating bundle FIN_REP_SIMPL_1, FIN_REP_SIMPL_2, FIN_REP_SIMPL_3, FIN_REP_SIMPL_4 in S/4HANA → BW-BCT-FI
  • Issue occurs when activating bundle 0MDG_* → CA-MDG
  • Exception related to method CL_RODPS_ODP_ESH occurs when activating Content ESH Operational DataProvider (ODP) → BC-EIM-ODP

In summary, search SAP Notes using the keywords of the error / issue and find the mostly used components.