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It is mandatory to execute a Configuration Wizard in Process Integration (PI) or Process Orchestration (PO) after any major operational change.
A major operational change can be a new installation, a release upgrade or a System Copy.
Which Wizard you need to execute depends on the operation you are conducting and the installation type of your PI/PO system.
You want to know which CTC Configuration Tasks (Wizards) are available for
  • Process Integration (PI)

  • Partner Connectivity Kit (PI-PCK)

  • non-central Adapter Engine (PI-AF)

  • Advanced Adapter Engine Extended (PI-AEX)

  • Process Integration and Orchestration package (PI-CP)

You can find every configuration wizard in note 1286428 Configuration Wizard: PI Wizard Templates overview.
Listed below are some common CTC wizards.
Please confirm that you run the correct CTC wizard for your installation type (see SAP blog Installation Options for Process Integration and Orchestration Use Cases)

The wizards that need to be executed can also be found in the official SAP Guides, which can be accessed via 2574603 PI: Official SAP Guide Finder.
For upgrades, refer to the Upgrade and Update Guide - SAP NetWeaver 7.x Preparation and Follow-Up Activities.

On completion of any major operational change of a PI/PO system, it is recommended to conduct the system health checks once all post operation activities have concluded. The steps to do this are documented in note 817920 XI/PI/AEX Readiness Check 3.0/7.0, 7.1, 7.3, 7.31, 7.4, 7.5 (Basis and PI teams should work together to carry out these tests).


If you executed the wrong Configuration Wizard you can reset the CTC Configuration tasks by taking the following actions:
Go the NWA → Configuration → Scenarios → Configuration Wizard → Functional Unit Configuration UI
→ Disable any/all Functional Units which are not already in status Disabled. 
→ Start over and execute the correct wizard for your operation/install type.

1) Initial setup - mandatory step after a new installation

For PI-CP (Process Orchestration) system: note 1548120 Configuration Wizard: PI Process Integration &  Orchestration

For PI-AEX system (Java-only): note 1414465 Configuration Wizard: PI-AEX initial setup

For PI-AF system (non-central Adapter Engine):

    • non-central Adapter Engine in a PI Dual Stack Landscape, note 1314855 Configuration Wizard: PI-AF initial setup

    • non-central Adapter Engine in an AEX or PO Landscape, note 1525614 Configuration Wizard: PI Adapter Engine for AEX

For PI 7.1 or a higher release (dual-stack):  note 1309239 Configuration Wizard: PI NetWeaver initial setup ***this is also applicable for a fresh install of a 7.50 Dual Usage system. 

2) System upgrade

You have performed an upgrade from Release 6.40, 7.00, 7.01, 7.02 (or a higher enhancement package) of SAP NetWeaver PI to

Release  7.11 (or higher), for example PI 6.40 to 7.1x, PI 7.0x to 7.3x. This is called a "Release Upgrade". 

    • note 1321868 Configuration Wizard: PI Upgrade

You have performed an upgrade from Release  7.10, 7.11, 7.30, 7.31 of PI (dual-stack) to a higher Enhancement Package (EHP),

For example PI 7.1x to 7.3x, PI 7.30 to 7.31, PI 7.3x to 7.40. This is called an "EHP Upgrade".

    • note 1450419 Configuration Wizard: PI Upgrade EHP 

You have upgraded a PI 'non-central' Adapter Engine to Release 7.30 or higher.

    • note 1519075 Configuration Wizard: PI Adapter Engine Upgrade     

You have upgraded a SAP NetWeaver "Advanced Adapter Engine Extended (AEX)" or "Process Orchestration (PO)" to a higher Enhancement Package (EHP).

For example PO 7.4 to PO 7.5.

    • note 1562025 Configuration Wizard: PI-AEX EHP Upgrade 

3) Dual Usage upgrade (Dual Stack system 7.x release to Dual Usage 7.50)

  • You have upgraded your dual-stack PI system from release 7.40 (or lower) to release 7.50 (or higher).

  • Outline steps are as follows (see note 2230617 Upgrade and Split of Netweaver Pi Dual Stack in SAP Netweaver 7.5):

    • Upgrade the system to 7.50

    • Execute the Upgrade Wizard e.g. note 1450419 Configuration Wizard: PI Upgrade EHP 

    • Split the ABAP and Java stacks (SUM operation)

    • Execute the Split Wizard as per note 2190371 Configuration Wizard: PI Split 

4) System Copy

For PI/PO system release 7.50 the Initial setup wizard for your install type should be executed

A System Copy of a 7.50 AEX system, it is required to execute AEX initial setup wizard as per note 1414465 Configuration Wizard: PI-AEX initial setup
A System Copy of a 7.50 Process Orchestration system, execute the initial setup wizard as per note 1548120 Configuration Wizard: PI Process Integration & Orchestration
For a 7.50 Dual Usage System Copy, execute the Initial Set-up wizard as per note 1309239 Configuration Wizard: PI NetWeaver initial setup

For PI system release < 7.50: note 1299373 Configuration Wizard: PI System Copy - refer also to 2419419 PI CTC: System Copy Wizard disabled in release 7.50

5) Support Pack Stack Update

You have performed an SP/SPS update for release 7.30 or higher, for PI (Dual Stack), or PO (Java Only),

For example PI 7.30 SP10 to 7.30 SP11. This is called an "SP Update".

    • note 1444305 Configuration Wizard: PI / ESR Support Package Update 

6) SLD configuration

    • note 1435392 PI CTC: SLD Configuration after PI AEX initial setup

    • note 1920170 PI CTC: How to reset and repeat SLD registration for PO/AEX

    • note 2034226 Configuration Wizard: PI AEX SLD Self Registration

List of some common problems related to CTC wizards: 

    • note 1625918 Configuration Wizard: AEX 7.3 remote SLD configuration  

    • note 2160354 Adapter type version did not change after PI upgrade 

    • note 2163003 '501 Not Implemented' error when executing Configuration Wizard: PI-AEX initial setup

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