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Welcome to the SAP Environment, Health and Safety WIKI page. This is the starting point for topics around EH&S area.

The SAP EH&S supports you with all activities in the areas of industrial safety, health, and environmental protection.
This space was created to be a starting point for topics around SAP EH&S where ideas and information can be shared in a central place.
If you would like to suggest any additional content, have questions, concerns or constructive feedback, please let us know.

Feel free to create new entries or add to existing ones.

Disclaimer: SAP is not liable for any discrepancies in the content or code in the documents.

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Top Notes

How to create the perfect incident for EHS component and subcomponents

1809258Internal program error; ( <program name> SAPLC13Z 0 C13Z_RAWDATA_READ )
2024053Transporting missing standard EHS Classes and Characteristcs from Client 000
2391448Failed to resolve Object Based navigation target "SAP_ECC_EnvironmentHealthSafe
2362286Short Dump When Saving a New Health Surveillance Protocol
Important SAP Notes and KBAs

Complete List of KBAs and FAQ Notes

KBA 2197554 - How to create the perfect incident for EHS component and subcomponents

KBA 2638370 - Creating the perfect EHS-ERC incident

KBA 2456806 - Sources of information for component extension SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management

KBA 2456839 - Sources of information for Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)

KBA 2620247 - How to get access to information about SAP EHS Regulatory Content (SAP ERC)  new deliveries, webinars and events









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