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Introduce the methods to avoid Dump TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED in transaction code F.13 (program SAPF124).


The reason the dump TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED is returned is because the data fetched may have been too big and this has used up all the available resources.


1. Please use the selection field "Maximum number of groups" of program SAPF124.

This allows you to restrict the selection and start the clearing process before the dump occurs.

This indicator has the effect that, for G/L accounts only, the creation of document groups (created according to grouping criteria) is terminated when this limit is reached, and the actual clearing process is triggered for the clearable documents contained in the groups.

2. Please also narrow down the selection and run the program several times until you have gone through all the items. For example, restrict by document date or assignment number.

3. You can also try to create  more parallel jobs with smaller ranges of selected accounts, so that each of the jobs does not exceed the limit of 2GB.

4. You will have to narrow it down by document number as well.

Please try to run the program with a maximum of 100,000 documents, and if it is successful, repeat the process for the next 100,000 documents and repeat again until you have got through all.

If this does not work you may have to decrease the document range and perform more runs.

5. To prevent this error from coming up, we highly recommend you run SAPF124 for this account more often and on a regular basis.

Usually the clearing program should be started on a periodic basis to prevent such a large number of open items running, say, on a weekly basis.

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