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This document is for introduce the foreign currency translation tool of T-code EWCT.

You can simulate the amount calculated from "source currency" to "target currency", you can also use reference currency via this tool easily. If you think the calculated amount is strange when you do posting or clearng, and you could compare the calculated result between posting/ clearing and EWCT. 

Functionality of this tool EWCT:

  1. Go to T-code EWCT-> enter "From currency"  (source currency) and "To currency" (target currency) like below:
  2. Enter 'Date',  'Exch. Rate Type' in Parameters area
    Case 1, If 'Rate' is not entered, the table rate (TCURR) is used for calculation

    Case 2, If the rate is entered manually, the priority of manually entered rate is higher than the table rate, hence manually entered rate is used for calculation
  3. Reference currency
    There is special logic for conversion if 'On currency'(reference currency) is entered,  the foreign currency is 'On currency' and the local currency is 'To currency',  and the 'From currency' is non- reference currency anymore. 
    Example1,  select 'Foreign crrcy to local crrcy', the calculation is done from USD -> JPY -> EUR(100 * 118 * 0.009 = 106.20)

    Example2,  select 'Local crrcy to foreign crrcy', the calculation is done from EUR -> JPY -> USD (100 / (1/127.5) / 127.79  = 99.77)
  4. Check whether fixed rate or alternative rate is defined in OB07 or OBBS

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