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This wiki is a duplicate of the SAP KBA 2125946 - Standard Diagnostics for EPM-SA Spend Performance Management (SPM)


SPM Survival Guide - Spend Performance Management Weekend Support, SPM help
Most problems with SPM can be resolved by following the items listed below.


SAP Spend Performance Management all versions, EPM-SA, SPM

Resolution Standard Diagnostics for SPM cases
1) Are the proper conponent versions installed? SPM requires specific versions/service packs.
2155814 - Spend Performance Management 3.0 SP05 Release Info Note
1981968 - How to Check SPM Component Versions


2) New System, Recent Changes,
Are all services active? Easy to check. 2064812 - SPM - Services Check in SICF
Is webdispatcher properly configured? 2086795 - Web Dispatcher Profile Changes for SPM
Is BI diagnostics ALL Green?  937697  - Usage of SAP NetWeaver BI Diagnostics & Support Desk Tool or P17 in the install guide.

3) Unusual results in reports or display problems with the user interface? Then have customer clear the caches with these notes:
1848363 - Checking and clearing the SPM cache
2027285 - How to clear the Adobe Flash Player cache

4) Front end problems not fixed by cache clearing:
2125518 - Check points for Spend Performance Management frontend issue

5) 500 error or Server error
1768839 - SPM 3.0 Web dispatcher configuration checks
1870116 - SPM 3.0 500 internal server error 
2128308 - SPM - Undefined dimension: SAP_0XSAUND, BI_UNDEFINED_DIMENSION

6) unable to print
2035178 - Print Service not working after Flash Player Update

7) unable to export to excel 
2031206 - SAP SPM - Export to excel does not work after flash player update
2146933 - SPM SP03 SP04 Patch04

8) SPM problems caused by transport problems 
1793152 - SPM 3.0 Cannot Transport 
1990331 - SPM Transport Diagnosis

9) Measures or Dimensions unavailable
1926868 - SPM: How to Install / Reinstall BEx query 0ASA_MP01_Q1002

10) Data Loading Problems
1890073 - SPM 3.0 Intialize DataSource properties of given Data Source 
1891572 - SPM Data Model and Data Flow tables 
1239883 - Extractor Starter Kit for Spend Performance Management(SPM) 
1679583 - Enhanced PO Extractor for Spend Performance Management

11) None of the above = get the logs:
1806168 - Standard Logs for SPM Troubleshooting
1558903 - How To Trace a Portal Scenario Using HttpWatch 
937697  - Usage of SAP NetWeaver BI Diagnostics & Support Desk Tool 
948490  - Customer Message Requirements for BEx Web Runtime Java

12) Open Connections for Support Engineer
2034954 - SPM - Connections for support


See Also

2154970 - SAP SPM Installation Review

SPM Documentation is available here:
SPM 3   

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