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Episode 007

Our goal for November 21th is again, for the seventh time, to share the latest insights on SAP's fun stuff. Source for all this will be SAP TechEd, of course (smile) Our SAP Inside Track is a community event, open for both SAP TechEd attendees as well as the less fortunate ones (wink) , and organized by peers from the community. Although it is a Dutch community event we have never spoken Dutch during the day. We have had friends from DE, EN, BE, PL and IT coming over - we're happy to say welcome to anyone.

Use hash tag #sitNL on Twitter to share ideas and spread the news or visit our Facebook page to read the latest news items on our timeline.

Update: please find a link to the agenda here


CodeJam #UI5

On the day before #sitNL (Friday November 20) we will host a CodeJam on UI5 with Denise Nepraunig. And if we’re lucky we will get a glimpse on how SAP created the Football App with a custom control. So if you want to learn UI5 – you are more than welcome. And if you already know how to build a great looking SAP app using UI5, come join the CodeJam to learn about custom controls.

Registration for the UI5 CodeJam: use this form.
Read more on the CodeJam in the blog on SCN:



Saturday, November 21 2015. Sessions start at 10:00 and end at 19:00. There will be dinner as well, however Haseenah won't be able to prepare it this time around. Hopefully next time again.


Office The Next View in 's Hertogenbosch, just next to SAP NL HQ.

Amerikastraat 3, 's Hertogenbosch



For SAP enthusiasts (both consultants and customers) who want to share or catch-up on their knowledge. If you plan to visit SAP TechEd, please share your thoughts and vision with us. Or if you have an interesting story to tell regarding SAP Technology - you're more than welcome.


Low, aiming at €20 per participant, including lunch and dinner.


We're pretty sure there will be people taking some. Follow the #sitNL hashtag.

See our Flickr album 2014.


Use the #sitNL hashtag


Here you have the chance to add value and pay it forward, host a session at SAP Inside Track the Netherlands. Take the stage and share your SAP experiences, open the discussion and take new insights back home. Please note that all sessions are supposed to last at most 30 minutes!

Find the slides here


Track (Technology, BI)



PubQuiz v2.0

The closing session of the SitNL in which ridiculous questions will be asked and actual prices can be won! The pubquiz has been upgraded to v2.0 and is fully interactive and a mobile device is required to participate!


Relive the magic:

Dick Groenhof & Sven van Leuken

Packt survey for 5$ discount:


Discount code for a 50% discount on Packt website:  "SITNL50"

BI TechEd Takeaway: a high level recap of all SAP BI related TechEd informationRonald Konijnenburg & Sven van LeukenTechEd Takeaway
BIA glance into the future of Design Studio and a first look at the new Design Studio book

Jeroen van der A

BIDatavard, BW war stories and how data management can improve BW environments tremendouslyDatavard (Frank Gundlich)
BIBI4SAP Live - Analytics without using SAP BW directly on top off ECC (and S/4HANA in the future)Ensior (Lodewijk Wiggers) 
BICloud for Analytics (a.k.a. SAP ORCA - "Project Orca") is a cloud-based offering from SAP that's slated to arrive in the fourth quarter of this year. Damien Fribourg is one of the key architects.SAP (Damien Fribourg)
BIBluefin UK is one of the best know consultancy firms in the world and have an impressive track record on implementing HANA. They agreed to share some of their experiences with usJan Van Ansem
BIAdvanced analytics: algorithm programming made easy. Find new insights using SAP Predictive Analytics and deploy this to a broader community that has no affinity with advanced analytics using HANA application function modeler (AFM)

Marcel de Bruin

Sander de Wildt
TechnologyOne flaw to rule them all. A practical example of hacking the SAP Solution Manager (and from there the world Pinky). Plus a glimpse at the SAP Security Baseline document


Joris van de Vis - ERP



Slidere can be found here
TechnologySeparate your SAP backend from your frontend development. Use OutSystems to create a brilliant UX for your end users. Build and deploy a web-based application on top of SAP in five minutes.Roy van de Kerkhof 

SAP HCP Internet of Things update - control BB-8 with SAPHCP.

This is the droid you were looking for!

Ronald Kleijn

Twan van den Broek
TechnologyA recap of the highlights of the SAP TechEd mobility trackVincent Weissslides
TechnologyWhat's new in Fiori and Fiori Launchpad. Based on Teched and my upcoming SAP Press e-book.Tamas Szirtesslides
TechnologyIntroduction to functional programming in Elixir.Christian Drummslides
TechnologyHow to create interactive prototypes with SAP's latest UI tool: Build.Roel van den Berge 
Find out how HANA Cloud Platform with all his features can help healthcare. 
For a Hackaton in february 2015, we have built a solution for helping epilepsy patients. We used the power of HCP by capturing heart rate data (IOT) and let the HANA predictive libraries (PAL) warn us for possible seizures (attacks).

Jeremy Coppey

Fouad Hjiyer

Wouter Lemaire
TechnologyAccelerate your Fiori App development with our Fiori AcceleratorHarikishore Sreenivasalu 

View behind the curtain of how be build the new SAP Community platform and update on where we are with the implementation. 

Oliver Kohl 
TechnologyYou shall PaaS - SAP HANA Cloud Platform is at the core of SAP's tech/cloud strategy... so, what's coming up next irt platform? HInt: OpenStack and Cloud Foundry, Business Services and much much more...Matthias SteinerPresentation
TechnologyNot going to shave for a few days, and probably will try to wear some colorful sneakers to be entitled to tell the node.js story.Jan PenninkhofSlides
TechnologyTechEd Takeaway: a high level recap of all technology related TechEd informationJan Penninkhof 

Late entry.. But better late then never (wink)

Fun with Mazes. Mazes can be a beautiful thing. How to create them and how to solve them and what's there relationship to real live Problems we face in our daily work.. but mostly mazes are funj (smile) 

Hendrik Neumann slides

Participants SAP Inside Track Netherlands 2015

Please use >> our Google Form << to register for the event AND add your name to the list here under to show that you will attend. 

The table on this WIKI page is not automatically updated after you have submitted the Google Form. We're using the form to capture email addresses, the WIKI table is to show who will attend.




Twitter ID

Early arrival on Friday
& looking for a meet-up

Taking part at
Saturday evening-event


Twan van den Broek






Leo van HengelLeo@lvhengelmaybeyes
3Christian Braukmüller @CBasisyesyes (leaving at approx 10pm)
4Hendrik NeumannHendrik@h_neumannmaybeyes
5Wim SnoepWim@wsnoepmaybeunfortunately not
6Christian DrummChristian@ceedee666yesyes
7Laurens van RijnLaurens@laurensvanrijnnoyes
8Sven van LeukenSven@TheSventornoYES
9Markus HofmannMarkus@MarkusMHofmannmaybeyes
10Fred VerheulFred@fredverheulmaybe


11Hans Senden @hsendennono
12Arnaut KamhootArnaut@akamhootnoyes
13Denise Nepraunig 


14Wouter PeetersWouter@WouterPeetersnono
15Joris van de Vis @jvisno sirno sir
16Robin van het HofBlogItForward@Qualiturenoyesyesyes
17Jan Willem MolenaarJan Willem@jwmolenaarnoyes
18Robin VleeschhouwerRobin@RVSAPnoyes
19Roel van den BergeRoel@roelvdbergenoyes
20Sander BoersSander@sander_boersnoyes
21Frank KöhntoppFrank@koehntoppnoyes
22Jan-Willem Kaagman  noyes
23Vincent Weiss @vfweissmaybeyes
24Kimmo JokinenKimmo@KimmoJokinenyesyes
25Peter Tonies  noyes
26Joury Jonkergouw @JouryJonkergouwnoyes
27Tamas SzirtesTamas@tamas_szirtesno


28Patrick van Ospatrick noyes
29Roy van de Kerkhof @royvdknoyes
30Gregor Wolf @wolf_gregormaybeyes
31Mike Laanen @casabelladonnanomaybe
32Sjoerd van MiddelkoopSjoerd@SjoerdMnono
33Matthias SteinerMatthias@steinermattprobably no

probably yes

34Iemke Kooijman  nono
35Peter Combee @_pcombnomaybe
36Jeroen van der AJeroen@hyronimousnoyes
38Ralph Knoops @ralphknoopsnomaybe
39Vincent van KeulenVincent noyes
40Jean-Piere Domen  noyes
 41 Brigitte Tiemessen  no yes
42Maciej Modrzejewski  yesyes
43Jordy Schipper  noyes
44Wouter LemaireWouter Lemaire@wouter_lemairenono
45Tom Van Doorslaer @TomVanDoonoYes
46Cemal AslanCemal Aslan@cemal00nomaybe
47Dennis Duivenbode  no


 48 Marcel Schoenmakers   no


49Jérémy CoppeyJérémy Coppey@JeremyCoppeynono
50Fouad Hjiyer  nono
51Jonas Vanderkelen  nono
52Harikishore Sreenivasalu @Harichitectyesyes
53Leon Huijsmans  nono
54Frank de Vleeschauwer  no


55Andreas Profitlichbio@profitlichnoyes
56Noël HendrikxNoel@NoelHendrikxnomaybe
57Peter Buijsman  nono
58Stef SnijdersStef Snijders@Snijders_samnomaybe
59Rob Beeren @watjevanbeerenlerenkannono
60Hassan Laktit  noyes
61Glenn CheungGlenn Cheung noyes
62Maartje Kraaijenhagen  noyes

Sander van Dillen



64Patrick OlthofPatrick Olthof@polthof81maybeyes
65Oliver KohlOliver @ SCN@oliverprobably no

probably yes

66Mike Versteeg  nono
67Nathan Brookman  noyes
68Jan PenninkhofJan@jpenninkhofyesyes
69John Enning  noyes
70Niels Doesburg @nielsdoesburgnono ( (sad) )
71Steven Spronk @stevenspronknono
72Jeroen Heijers  nono
73Marielle Braam  nono


Hotel suggestions




Price (incl. Breakfast)
exclusief toeristenbelasting

Who stays?

Hotel Jo Van Den Bosch  150€ for 2 nights via


Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant ‘s-Hertogenbosch close by138€ for 2 nights via booking.comHendrik, Gregor, Christian D., Maciej, Markus
Airbnb als has some nice affordable options's~Hertogenbosch--NederlandAffordable, nearby, great hospitalityDependent on your wishes somewhere 40 and 150 


Able to do some car sharing, car pooling, joy riding?

Coming from




Count me in (add your name)

Pickup point

BonnChristian B.Car2 Time: Fri (leaving 3/4pm) -> Sat (back at midnight)
AachenChristian D.Car3Maciej, 
DarmstadtMarkus Car  Frankfurt Airport or Darmstadt 


Any tips to take into account? Please list them and help making it a day to remember.

  • Bring a good mood (big grin)
  • Dress casual
  • Be awesome