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This document lists the updates/fixes for PowerDesigner16.5 SP05 PL03


This EBF fixes the following Change Requests:


#449392 T3 Modify Null to Not Null in Alter table when default value is added

#628297 T1 Column from mapped table still merged even if unchecked in Merge Model window

#643783 T2 Symbols deleted after moving diagram to package using drag & drop

#686347 T2 List Report: sort order lost when generating to RTF, HTML, or XML

#711640 T2 Catastrophic Error: PD crashes instead of prompting to fix the scripting error

#715137 T2 LDM: modified attribute data type incorrectly consolidated in the Repository

#723831 T2 View SQL query: Comment lines are lost when target DBMS changes

#759062 T3 Diagram: connect points of link symbol are not retrieved

#779707 T2 LDM>PDM: Custom replication properties are not preserved

#782684 T2 SQL Server: table should not be dropped when column size is increased

#783045 T1 Some errors happened while updating a repository after applying PD 16.5 SP05

#784369 T3 Graphical Synonyms not generating from CDM to PDM

#784818 T2 HANA: Views exported by PowerDesigner are not active

#784819 T2 HANA: Import failed after export done

#784823 T2 HANA: can't detect conflict by export wizard

#785366 T3 DB2MVS: value of ASC/DESC index sort order switched after reverse

#785746 T3 Fails to update an SQL Server repository to 16.5 SP05

#786227 T2 SolMan: order is conflict in both side after export

#786456 T2 Diagram hyperlink: It does not work correctly in Outlook

#786539 T2 Infinite loop during connection

#786586 T2 Hide the error window "The error SQL Statement (s) couldn't be Prepared"

#786600 T2 Extended attribute if text type should appear with multi-line field in PDWeb

#786695 T2 Repository Merge does not select all expected actions.

#786749 T2 picture not properly generated for lanes

#786763 T2 Closed Change lists folder appears when updating from a deleted repository model

#787162 T2 SolMan: diagram layout changes cannot be exported

#787163 T2 SolMan: diagram cannot be exported

#787164 T2 SolMan: to make merge dialog pop up all the time

#787165 T2 SolMan: not create Scenario Flow Diagram for Business Scenario if it is empty

#787247 T2 SVG cannot be generated under IE11

#787399 T2 SolMan: Transaction's logical component is cleared up after export

#787401 T2 SolMan: validate Name length for Business Scenario/Process/ProcessStep in CheckModel

#787407 T2 HCP cannot change password

#787476 T3 Erwin 9.5: object physical name not imported

#787478 T4  Erwin: add option to have all mutually exclusive inheritances marked "Complete"

#787634 T2 SolMan: new Transaction is not detected by Export

#787645 T2 Cannot connect to LDAP Server using SSL connection

#787647 T3 icons are gray in PD Web with Firefox, Chrome, and Opera

#787763 T2 BPMN2 import: missing flows

#787767 T2 Conversion error importing PD 16.5 SP05 PL02 Repository from ASA 16 to ASE 15.5

#787823 T2 Check In: deleted\ created symbols not selected by default in Merge window

#788399 T2 SQL Server: Repository import failed Importing table PMLIBR

#788426 T1 After applying orthogonal style, a table moved to the background of another one.

#788987 T3 SMTP send null message

#788989 T3 Cannot click on OK in a dialog with two sub tab including Columns list

#789185 T3 DB2MVS: Enhance SqlAttrQuery for Tablespace

#789261 T1 DB2UDB: PD hangs up when modifying database

#789592 T2 Process symbol does not behave as expected with very long name

#789741 T1 RQM traceability links deleted from model after check out of target model

#789843 T2 Web: text of comment and notes is replaced by numeric in report

#789872 T1 After reverse engineering, column name and data type have been concatenated.

#790037 T2 Have more BPMN2 Concept in BPMN2 Descriptive

#790158 T1 diagram: Text Annotation cannot be created on BPMN diagram

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