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  • NC: Creating LISTCUBE report for NCUM markers (reference points)
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For verifying the currently present reference point or marker in the infoprovider, a so called LISTCUBE report is a helpful tool. In alot of cases SAP support also requests this report for verification of analysis steps listed in SAP note: 1548125.

Sample step by step:

1) run the simplified test query in transaction RSRT (use Query Display = HTML). If the default template is modified, please, use the parameter template_id=0adhoc).

In the query result, check the cell which display the 'unexpected' value.

2) Run the key figure definition for a cell with an 'unexpected' stock value (Right mouse click to call the context menu).

The result will be a detailed view for this cell displaying the calculation tree.

3) For every cell of the calculation tree details such as selections, precision settings or kf names can be gotten wby calling 'Detail'.

In the Details of this sample, the selection criteria for this cell can be quickly checked. In this case selections on 0MATERIAL, 0PLANT and 0CALYEAR are active.

4) In LISTCUBE you can enter the name of an ABAP program which can then later be called in SE38 repeatedly.

In the selection screen of LISTCUBE transfer the selection values seen in the key figure definition.

For non-cumulative values and markers there are 2 special things:

0RECORDTP has to be selected, otherwise the system always request 0RECORDTP=0 from the database.

For the time restriction, keep in mind that markers are saved to 0CALDAY=31129999, to display the markers as well make sure this value is included in your selection criteria.

In the result you will now the marker value for the record with 0RECORTP=1 storing the marker (reference point) for this selection.

5) Save a variant for this result as well to later call the report again in transaction SE38 to display the result or to send to SAP support.

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